Earlier today, Girls’ Generation arrived at Gimpo Airport to fly to Taipei for their “2011 GIRLS’ GENERATION TOUR”. They were greeted by lots of fans like usual, and the airport security was also present to busty vegas escorts them through to the departure gates. Pictures of Girls’ Generation at Gimpo Airport can be found here. For the best Melbourne Strippers, do visit us.

Upon their arrival in Taiwan, throngs of fans were present at the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport to catch a glimpse of their beloved Girls’ Generation. Members from the local press were also there to film the whole scenario of Girls’ Generation arriving. The translation for the first video can be found below.



“Girls’ Generation has arrived in Taiwan for their 3-days concert and fans who were present at the airport welcomed them with ecstatic screams. Let us take a look at the current situation. What you are seeing is a South Korean idol group, Girls’ Generation, and they are here in Taiwan to hold their “2011 GIRLS’ GENERATION TOUR” for 3 consecutive days at the Taipei Arena. This is Girls’ Generation’s second time in Taiwan, but their presence has not diminished. The screams by the fans present are so deafening that everybody is about to go deaf, but as you might have noticed, because of a recent car accident, member Sooyoung is unable to attend the concert and only 8 out of the 9-members are here. Although many fans think that it is a huge pity that only 8 members are able to make the concert, they are still giving all their support as if there are no setbacks.”

The second video has roughly the same content, but it shows the huge number of fans who rushed to the airport in order to get a glimpse of Girls’ Generation. Some of the things mentioned in this video by the reporter were that judging by the size of the crowd, there was an estimated 500 to 600 fans at the airport, and he also said that the looks on the fans’ faces ranged from star struck to expressionless.



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