Girls’ Generation was recently interviewed for a Taiwanese news program on CTV News. The interview was conducted in English, so both Tiffany and Jessica took charge with answering questions.

When asked about how the girls relieve stress amongst themselves, Jessica cutely responded, “We stay fresh by being silly.” Tiffany elaborated on the silliness that Jessica spoke of by saying that the girls often play games, take with each other, and have sleepovers.

Tiffany also gave somewhat of a confirmation of the news of a Korean comeback album in the fall, and connected it with their tour that is set to continue throughout the second half of the year.

Perhaps the most interesting tidbit from the interview came at the very end, when Jessica said, “Sometime in the future, if we get a chance, we would definitely want to sing in English and make it like a worldwide record…”

The video of the news clip can be seen below.

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