A Girls’ Generation museum has opened.

On August 5th, Girls’ Generation fans, SONEs(S♡NE) revealed a Girls’ Generation virtual museum for the fourth anniversary of their debut. They made a site sort of like a museum for Girls’ Generation (http://www.intothenewworld.net/), where you can view the history of Girls’ Generation.

The site address is also Girls’ Generation’s debut song “Into the New World”.

The site is decorated with news from Girls’ Generation’s debut to their latest happenings, including taking over Japan, which you can all view. News on the Seoul concerts they held last July 23rd to 24th is also available. The site also has an interview with Sooyoung’s mom and sister and notably there are songs that fans freshly re-interpreted that you can listen to. Also, because Girls’ Generation receives great popularity overseas, in consideration of those fans, there are services available in Korean, English, Japanese, and more, proving that talks of ‘Girls’ Generation’s fan’s skills are overflowing’ are not a lie.

Meanwhile, one Girls’ Generation overseas fan community (Editor’s Note: Should be “international fan community”), Soshified, unveiled a surprise event to celebrate Girls’ Generation’s fourth anniversary with an electronic billboard in Los Angeles, United States.

Starting with Girls’ Generation’s group name in English and after each member appears one by one the phrase “Happy 4th Anniversary Girls’ Generation” is shown at the end. (Editor’s Note: Irrelevant parts omitted.) Since August 1st and until the 8th, this billboard event will continue on top of the Aroma Wilshire Center Building.

Source: Newsen
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