[EDIT]: Updated with translated tweets from Sooyoung’s sister Soojin and former SM trainee Stella Kim.

It has recently been anno

unced that Girls’ Generation member, Sooyoung, was involved in a car accident at 9:00am on the 28th of August. The accident occurred near the rest area on Gyeongbu Expressway while Sooyoung was on her way to a charity event for the blind and vision impaired in Cheonan, caused by the negligence of th

e driver in the opposite lane who crossed over the center-line.

Sooyoung was sent to a nearby hospital, and is currently recuperating in a hospital in Seoul with injuries to her lower spine (fracture to the sacral vertebra). However, her doctor has stated that the injury is only minor, although Sooyoung will need time off from activities immediately in order to recover.

As a result, Sooyoung will not be participating alongside her group-mates for three “SMTOWN LIVE in Tokyo Dome” concerts on September 2nd, as well as the upcoming Girls’ Generation concert in Taiwan.

[EDIT]: After news broke about Sooyoung’s accident, her sister Soojin posted this message on her personal Twitter account: “Thank you for those who are concerned about Sooyoung. The cheerful princess Sooyoung is so bright right now like always… we continually ask for your prayers. :)

Former SM trainee Stella Kim, who is known to be close to the girls, also tweeted a message: “I was worried so I went to go see her as soon as I got the phone call… but I burst out laughing because she was laughing like hehheh~ when I got there kekekekekeke”

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