Girls’ Generation’s Jessica’s “Styling” denim photoshoot she participated in was revealed.

The photoshoot, whose concept was “punky”, was held in Bangkok with Levi’

s. Jessica presented a “denim on denim” style and wore a vintage denim jacket with artificial wool and skinny jeans look as well as a professional model would.

This photoshoot’s styling director Kim Woori revealed that, “Because of Jessica’s unique fashion style, we could discuss various options and opinions and have a fun photoshoot.” Especially, “the way she normally dresses, comfortable but chic style shone particularly brightly during the street photoshoot.”

Jessica’s styling point is adding the pink checkered lace shirts layered on the vintage-like coloring within the grey jacket to add a more feminine and soft feel.

More pictures from Jessica and Levi’s photoshoot can be found on the Marie Claire website starting on the August 26th.

To read about the first batch of pictures from Jessica’s photoshoot for Marie Claire, go here. To see more pictures from Jessica’s photoshoot, go here.

Source: Nate
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