1. Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany Featured on Mnet WIDE

Just a day after Tiffany’s birthday on the 2nd of August, Tiffany was placed 2nd on Mnet WIDE’s “Stars’ Best Moments- Different From Others Since They Were Trainees”. Tiffany was described to be a kind hearted and helpful girl who always puts others before herself. Her selfless act as described in the comic strip is proof of how Tiffany really is an “Angel”. Although she faced many difficulties while striving to achieve her dreams of becoming a singer, she persevered and managed to emerge as a member of one of Korea’s top girl groups.

Although Tiffany is known to be scared of children, she still tries her best when she is around them and her obvious care for them has let many viewers to find her extremely charming. Apart from that, Tiffany has also improved tremendously over the years as a singer, and her husky voice still manages to send fans screaming for more.

2. Taeyeon and Tiffany featured as Girls’ Generation’s “Couple Line”

Girls’ Generation has always been noted for their close bond with each other. However, it is also widely known that members Taeyeon and Tiffany are even closer. Taeyeon and Tiffany were room mates even prior to debut, and they have been living together for more than 6 years. Because of this, they are extremely close and MBC Every1 Magazine1 has christened them as the official “Couple Line” of Girls’ Generation.

On this episode of MBC Every1 Magazine1, they featured members from various groups who have been noted to be extremely close. Big Bang’s G-Dragon and Seungri were quoted as the official couple, BEAST’s Doojoon and Yoseob, 4Minute’s Hyuna and Sohyun and Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon and Tiffany were all mentioned.

3. SM Entertainment Releases 2011 GIRLS’ GENERATION TOUR Press Conference

A while back, Soshified published an article about the press conference in view of Girls’ Generation’s 2011 GIRLS’ GENERATION TOUR. Now, SM Entertainment has finally released their footage of the press conference held before the concert started. This 15-minutes long video contains the full interview that Girls’ Generation had with the press right before their concert started. In it, all the members reveal their thoughts and feelings about having toured Japan and returning to Korea to perform again.

The members all commented that they had greatly missed their local fans, and the went on to express their gratefulness towards all international fans who had given them plenty of support. Apart from that, they also agreed that they would love to go to all the countries which their fans were in.

4. Girls’ Generation’s Yoona Voted 4th Best Idol-Turned-Actress

On the 6th of August, Yoona was featured on Enter Weekly as the 4th best idol-turned-actress. Yoona has been actively involved in numerous dramas ever since she took her first step into the acting world in 2007. She made her debut into acting through the Korean drama, 9 Ends 2 Outs. After that, she made a small cameo in the 2008 production, Unstoppable Marriage as one of the 7 princesses. 2008 proved to be a wonderful year for Yoona has her fame sky rocketed and she appeared in another 2 dramas. Yoona played Mi Ae in Woman of Matchless Beauty, and Jang Saebyuk in You Are My Destiny. In 2009, Yoona took on the role of Seo Yoojin in Cinderella Man.

Despite her young age, Yoona has proved to many that she has the capabilities of growing to become a wonderful actress. She is able to bring about the emotions in each of the character that she plays, and her versatility makes her a favourite among viewers.

5. Actor Lee Minho Joins Yoona in Endorsing Eider

Recently, Eider announced that actor Lee Minho would be joining Yoona in endorsing their products this season. On the 7th of August, a behind-the-scenes video and interview of Yoona and Lee Minho was released. In the video, it is obvious that Yoona and Minho are getting along very well as they pose cutely in all their shots. During the interview, they were full of praises for each other, and the atmosphere while filming was very relaxed. Lee Minho and Yoona were joking around with the director while he was filming, and they were all-smiles throughout the photoshoot.

While they were doing the interview with the reporter, the good looking couple were also constantly joking around, and the set was full of laughter as they shared with everyone their various experiences.


1. Girls’ Generation Pillowcases

Ever felt the irresistible need to hug a member of Girls’ Generation to sleep? Now you can! Everysing is taking Idol Merchandise to a whole new level by releasing official Girls’ Generation pillowcases in collaboration with SM Entertainment. Everysing will be releasing their newest collection of Girls’ Generation goodies on the 16th of August, and the pillowcases are now up for preordering! You can buy a pillowcase with your favourite member on it over here

2. Yoona Flies to Los Angeles to Film Eider CF

As reported a few days ago, Yoona would be flying to Los Angeles together with Actor Lee Minho to film their next Eider CF while rock-climbing. On the 8th of August, Yoona arrived at Incheon Airport and the paparazzi waiting to greet her managed to get numerous photos. Actor Lee Minho and Yoona will be staying in the States for roughly a week, and they will be travelling around to places which provides rock-climbing.

The CF will begin airing in September


1. New Selcas of Jessica and Yuri Garners Attention

On the 1st of August, a photo of Jessica at a candy store was uploaded onto a local online community, and it has been drawing a lot of attention from fans around the world. In the picture which contains four frames, Jessica is seen to be smiling very sweetly while she chooses the candy that she wants. The photo was titled “Sweeter Than Candy, Jessica”, and netizens have left comments such as, “This just brings a smile to my face.”, “I want to buy her everything.”, “She’s so cute. I love the Jung sisters.”

On the other hand, Girls’ Generation’s Yuri also uploade a new selca of herself onto an online community on the same day. The photo which was titled, “Four Rounds of Photogenic Photos by Yuri” has been circulating around the internet, and netizens have left many positive remarks such as, “Her beauty is off the charts.”, “She is absolutely adorable.”, “Can you be this beautiful?” and “Yuri, the goddess, has arrived!”

2. Tiffany Takes a Selca With Isak

On the 3rd of August, a photo of Isak and Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany was uploaded by Isak on her twitter. The caption underneath the photo said, “오늘 공연 보러온 예쁜 티파니 고마워~재밌게 봤다니 다행이다~Thanx again hun for coming to see the show~!^^ glad u liked it~^^” The closeness between Isak and Tiffany is really heart warming, and the picture shows everyone how bonded they are with each other. Tiffany had attended Isak’s musical “Spring Awakening” on the 3rd of August to support her, and they had taken a photo together after the show had ended. Despite Girls’ Generation’s hectic schedule now, Tiffany still looks wonderful, and her cute pose also captures the hearts of fans.

3. Girls’ Generation Live Wallpaper & Widget App for iPhone

“Where ever you go! Whatever you do! Girls’ Generation will always be with you!”

dlto (Delight the Future) and SM Entertainment have co-produced and released the Live Wallpaper & Widget app called “SSKIN” for the iPhone like they did for the Android. Now iPhone users are allowed to create their own images using individual and group photos of Girls’ Generation and set them as personal wallpapers for both the lock screen and home screen. The “Girls’ Generation Live Wallpaper & Widget SSKIN” app is now available on the App Store for 1.99 USD. Click here to purchase it.

4. Updates on Girls’ Generation’s Sales

Girls’ Generation’s hit songs such as MR. TAXI, Bad Girl, Gee and Genie are still on the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ) Full Chaku-Utta Weekly Charts even after such a long time. MR. TAXI is currently at the 21st spot, Bad Girl at 51st, Gee at 56th and Genie at 97th position.

Apart from that, Girls’ Generation’s self-titled First Japanese album is also 7th on the Oricon Monthly Chart for July. They managed to sell 107, 637 albums just in the month of July alone. Also, on the 6th of August, Girls’ Generation’s First Japanese Album was ranked at the 7th place on Oricon’s Daily Charts. Despite the fact that it has been more than 2 months since the release of Girls’ Generation’s self-titled album, their albums are still in high demand.

5. Rumours of Girls’ Generation’s Comeback Surfaces

As rumours about the prospect of Girls’ Generation having a comeback soon is circulating around the internet, 2 photos were recently uploaded to further strengthen these rumours. In one of the photos, is members Tiffany and Sooyoung. Tiffany is seen to be sporting a completely new hairstyle which is a sharp contrast to her current one. Her straight cut bangs and chin length hair in the photo has sent fans swooning at the prospect of having a “Dark SoShi” once again. Sooyoung on the other hand has a “Rocker Chick” type of hairstyle and there is a possibility that Girls’ Generation might be going for a double-concept comeback.

However, the image of Seohyun which was uploaded greatly differs from the feeling given off by Tiffany and Sooyoung. Seohyun, who is dressed in white, is still portraying a demure and innocent image. This has led to speculation amongst fans that Girls’ Generation might have a very big surprise in store, and SONEs all over the world are all eagerly anticipating the official news from SM Entertainment.

6. Jessica Flies to Bangkok

On the night of the 7th of August, Girls’ Generation’s Jessica was spotted at the airport. She flew to Bangkok where some of the Thai SONEs were there to give her a warm welcome to their country. Although the reasons why Jessica flew to Bangkok and New York before that are still unknown, it is rumoured that she flew to these countries to complete a photoshoot for a magazine. More photos of Jessica’s arrival in Bangkok can be found here.

A short fancam of Jessica interacting with the fans can be viewed below.

7. International Fans of Girls’ Generation Celebrate the Group’s 4th Anniversary in LA

International fans of the popluar girl group that represents Asia, Girls’ Generation, commemorated the groups 4th year since debuting by holding a large scale event which is now a hot topic among many.

On 5th August, a popular online community site publically promoted Girls’ Generation in the center of LA through an electrical billdboard. This electric billboard was prepared by Girls’ Generation’s representative international forum “Soshified” who’s members arranged this large event. “Soshified” prepared this electiric billboard that is 10.4mX7.3m in size, and their Girls’ Generation advertisment caught the interest of those in the heart of LA.

Fans from Korea left similar 4th anniversary messages on an internet billboard expressing thoughts such as, “It’s already been 4 years?? This feels like a dream,” and “The group that the world pays attention to has grown up.” The 4th anniversary electric billboard event for Girls’ Generation, will continue to be held until August 8th in the heart of downtown LA.

8. Girls’ Generation Performs at Cheong Shim Music Festival

On the 6th of August, Girls’ Generation made an appearance at the Cheong Shim Music Festival and performed 4 of their hit songs. They sang “Run Devil Run”, “Hoot”, “Oh!” and “Gee” for the large crowd present. Although it has been a long time since Girls’ Generation performed at such events in Korea, their fans are still as loud and supportive as ever and the girls appear to have had a lot of fun performing. Fanacms from the event can be found here while more photos of the girls can be found here!

New Sets of Pictures

Daum Cloud Wallpapers- Tiffany, Hyoyeon

Jessica Goobne Chicken August Calendar

Woongjin Coway August Wallpaper (Taeyeon, Yuri, Yoona and Seohyun)

Vita500- Jessica 1, Jessica 2, Jessica 3, Tiffany 1, Tiffany 2, Tiffany 3

SONE Picture/Video of the Week

Fans are taking their love for Girls’ Generation to a whole new level! Recently, a photo of a SONE who got a tattoo of Girls’ Generation has been spreading around community sites like wild fire. This particular SONE has caught the attention of many for having an intricate tattoo of Girls’ Generation in Korean across the biceps of his right arm. At the corner of the tattoo is “Sone” and underneath the Korean words is “Girls’ Generation”.

Many fans choose to express their love towards Girls’ Generation by sending them gifts or buying their albums to support them, but this SONE is a little different. His way of expressing his love for Girls’ Generation is definitely something new and unique!

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