A digital billboard event celebrating the fourth anniversary of Girls’ Generation’s debut has begun displaying in Los Angeles.

Soshified, the international fan community for Girls’ Generation, installed a 10.5m X 7.3m digital billboard in central Los Angeles to play a promotional video for Girls’ Generation’s fourth anniversary.

According to Soshified, this digital billboard has the biggest target audience in America (Editor’s note: It’s actually the biggest target audience in the county, not the country) and is to be displayed for 8 days from August 1st on top of the Aroma Wilshire Center Building, the center of the Wilshire Center district of Los Angeles.

Upon hearing the news, Girls’ Generation fans reacted by saying, “Girls’ Generation 4th Anniversary, congrats congrats”, “Right now really must be Girls’ Generation”, “With events like this happening abroad, Girls’ Generation really are impressive”.

Source: Nate
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