Girls’ Generation’s second solo concert, the 2011 GIRLS’ GENERATION TOUR, has not only brought both domestic fans and supporters from all over the world together, but has also seen the attendance of celebrities who share close relationships with the members.

On July 25th, actress Jung Ryeowon uploaded a picture of herself on Twitter with Tiffany and Sooyoung at the waiting room. She also added the caption, “I went to support Girls’ Generation. These girls who work hard at everything. How pretty they are!” Sitting between the two members, the girls gave a variety of cute poses to commemorate the special day. Their close bond is ofno secret as Sooyoung recently showed her support by making a surprise appearance at the press conference of the movie “Pain” which stars Jung Ryeowon as the female lead.

Netizens gave positive responses by commenting, “Is this the era of fairies?” and “The friendship between sunbae and hoobae is so nice to see.”

Meanwhile, a picture of the Girls’ Generation members with ex-professional basketball player Park Seungil also emerged on the same day. The girls surrounded him and posed with bright smiles on their faces. Park Seungil is currently battling with the Lou Gehrig’s disease and is an avid fan of the girls. He is also known to share a special relationship with member Sooyoung, who once talked about him at SBS’s “Strong Heart”

Source: fnnews, Newsen
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