The first night of SMTOWN Live is Paris is in the books, and the official SMTOWN Facebook page was updated with lots pictures and video highlights, so this article page serves as a consolidated hub for everything related to Girls’ Generation’s performance in Paris.

Update 7
1st day of ‘SMTOWN LIVE in Paris’ is over~ We’ll see you tomorrow~! [from FACEBOOK SMTOWN Staff]

Update 6
Girls’ Generation’s performance of “Genie” has been uploaded!

Update 5
The concert has ended, and all the SM artists took the stage together to thank the crowd. More pictures and videos from during the concert are sure to be forthcoming from the SMTOWN Facebook and YouTube pages.

Image Credit: oniontaker via bestiz

Update 4
The SMTOWN Facebook page just updated with the news “Tip! Right now! GIRLS’ GENERATION performing ‘Gee’!

Update 3
A picture has been added of Seohyun, Yuri, and Yoona watching their fellow SM labelmates performing.

SEOHYUN & YURI & YOONA! Watching fellow artist’s stage~! Very serious~! [from FACEBOOK SMTOWN Staff]

Update 2
As we await further updates on the official SMTOWN Facebook and YouTube pages, several short fancams have been posted of the girls performing “Oh!” and “Hoot” (via Kourai32@Twitter). Check them out!

“Oh!” fancam 1, “Oh!” fancam 2, “Hoot” fancam

Update 1
The first update of the night shows Hyoyeon waiting backstage with her camera and a cute long sleeve t-shirt with a heart on it.

HYOYEON! Sweet~ Lovely~ girl~! Waiting for GIRLS’ GENERATION’s turn [from FACEBOOK SMTOWN Staff]