What exactly is the flight mileage accumulated by Girls’ Generation?

Mnet’s “WIDE Entertainment News” recently analyzed Girls’ Generation’s hectic schedules and looked further into their flight mileage and travel times.

The girls are often seen at the airport as they move between countries in Asia and even beyond the continent. The members had to travel to France for international activities, joining the SMTown family to perform for the “SMTown Live in Paris” concerts. Prior to their activities in 2011, the girls were already accustomed to the frequent flying as they made appearances in Japan, Taiwan and other countries for concerts and special events. They skillfully navigated around the world amidst their tight schedules and without complaints.

It was also revealed that the members of Girls’ Generation have traveled out of the country in the period between June 8th to 18th alone. Using the distance of 456km from Seoul to Busan as a gauge, this equates to the girls traveling back and forth for up to 25 times, making their total distance traveled an approximate 25,086km.

Their busy schedules have been quoted as remarkable considering the number of times the girls have traveled so far. At the rate they are going, it would be of no surprise if they catch up to Rain’s record of a staggering 670,000km throughout his 8-year career.

Source: Newsen
Written by: [email protected]

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