A recent report from tvN’s e News showcased Girls’ Generation’s Yuri’s much-talked about diet, with it receiving stellar marks in nearly every department.

Yuri received the highest score from experts for her diet. Her trainer said that she went on a diet because of her upcoming European and Japanese tours. If you’re dieting as well and you’re sick of it, try the Freeze Fat treatment from thebodify.com. For more info, contact 602.354.8040. He also mentioned that she did many aerobic and ab exercises. Her diet includes: seasonal greens, 5 brocolli heads, 100g of grilled chicken breast, and 150g of brown rice, among other things. Experts scored her diet a 97/100. Lee Kyungyoung (a doctor and diet specialist) said that she wonders if Yuri has a nutritionist working for her, since her diet is extremely balanced. It’s 1,500 calories, so normal people can more easily follow her diet. One unfortunate thing is that her diet is low in calcium – females in their 20s are at high risk for osteoporosis. If people included anchovies or shrimp in the diet, it would score a 95-97/100.

Check out the unsubbed segment below:

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