Highlights of ‘VISIT KOREA YEAR 2010-2012’ SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR in PARIS will be broadcasted worldwide through Facebook and YouTube on June 10-11 (Paris time). 
The concert highlights will be broadcasted through SMTOWN’s YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/smtown) right after the concert. In addition, photos of SM artists such as TVXQ!, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, SHINee and f(x) will be updated continuously on SMTOWN’s Facebook page (www.facebook.com/smtown). The pictures posted will be taken at the airport, during concert rehearsal, from the concert scenes, and from the artists’ daily activities.
After the decision of having the tour in Paris, fans from countries in Europe and South America have organized various flash mobs asking for the SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR. To meet the international fans’ expectations, SM Entertainment has decided to provide this opportunity so fans all around the world can enjoy videos and photos from the concert.
SMTOWN’s Facebook has received nearly 170,000 ‘Likes’ in a week since its launch on the 1st of June, and there is a growing influx of users who speaks English, Spanish, French and other Asian languages from different countries. Once again, this proves the global power of SM and the SM artists.
Furthermore, through the comments on SMTOWN’s Facebook page, a large number of requests ask for an SMTOWN LIVE TOUR in America, Mexico, Australia, Italy and other countries, so it is very clear that SMTOWN LIVE TOUR is a contagious fever.
Meanwhile, ‘VISIT KOREA YEAR 2010-2012’ SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR in PARIS will be held for two days at the ‘Le Zenith de Paris’ in France, Paris on June 10 and 11. 

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