SM Entertainment announced today that the “All About Girls’ Generation ‘Paradise in Phuket’ ” DVD co-produced by SBS Contents Hub will be released at the end of June.

The DVD will contain a history of Girls’ Generation from their beginning until now. On the DVD will be all of Girls’ Generation’s music videos along with unpublished Hoot member-specific music video versions, and behind-the-scenes videos of album jacket photo shoots and music video filming. The DVD spans 6 discs, will be 715 minutes long, will come with a mini photo album, and is expected to draw a hot reaction from fans. The girls’ appearance on Kim Jungeun’s Chocolate will also be included on the DVD.

Also, a Girls’ Generation variety program called “Real Treasure”, which was filmed in Phuket, will be included along with self video cam footage of the members enjoying Phuket. The girls also included messages to their family, friends, and fans. Another special included treat is a music video to the Girls’ Generation song “Echo”.

A Bluray version is also scheduled to be released in addition to the DVD, though the release date for the Bluray has yet to be announced.

All About Girls’ Generation “Paradise in Phuket” DVD Information

– 6 discs (dual layer)
– Comes in a high-quality hardboard box
– 44 page Phuket Special Photo Book
– Length: 715 minutes
– Region Code: 3
– Language: Korean
– Subtitles: Korean/English
– Country of Origin: Korean
– DVD Picture Format: NTSC 16:9 (Anamorphic Widesecreen), 4:3
– Price: 59,000 won (~$54 USD)


Disc 1 [Variety in Phuket]
– Girls’ Generation Mystery Action Story “REAL TREASURE”

Disc 2 [Free Day in Phuket]
– Yoona’s Free Time
– Taeyeon’s Free Time
– Jessica’s Free Time
– Yuri’s Free Time
– Tiffany’s Free Time
– Seohyun’s Free Time
– Sooyoung’s Free Time
– Sunny’s Free Time
– Hyoyeon’s Free Time

Disc 3 [Self Talk in Phuket]
– Yoona’s Self Talk
– Taeyeon’s Self Talk
– Jessica’s Self Talk
– Yuri’s Self Talk
– Tiffany’s Self Talk
– Seohyun’s Self Talk
– Sooyoung’s Self Talk
– Sunny’s Self Talk
– Hyoyeon’s Self Talk

Disc 4 [Girls’ Generation’s Music Videos]
Music Videos
– “Echo”
– “Into the New World”
– “Girls’ Generation”
– “Kissing You”
– “Baby Baby”
– “Oppa Nappa”
– “Gee”
– “Gee Dance Ver. (Color)”
– “Gee Dance Ver. (White)”
– “Himnae! (Way to Go)”
– “Genie”
– “Genie 3D Ver. (Viewable in 2D)”
– “Genie 3D Ver. (Viewable in 3D)”
– “Oh!”
– “Run Devil Run Dance Ver.”
– “Run Devil Run Story Ver.”
– “Run Devil Run 3D Ver. (Viewable in 2D)”
– “Run Devil Run 3D Ver. (Viewable in 3D)”
– “Hoot”
– “Hoot Dance Ver.”
– “Beautiful Girls”
Individual Clips of “Hoot”
– Yoona’s Clip
– Taeyeon’s Clip
– Jessica’s Clip
– Yuri’s Clip
– Tiffany’s Clip
– Seohyun’s Clip
– Sooyoung’s Clip
– Sunny’s Clip
– Hyoyeon’s Clip

– All About Girls’ Generation “Paradise in Phuket” DVD Jacket Sketch
– “Echo” M/V Sketch
– “Into the New World” M/V Sketch
– “Into the New World” The 1st Stage (SBS Inkigayo) Behind Story
– Girls’ Generation in Hanbok Costumes for Chuseok Event
– THE 1st ALBUM ‘소녀시대(Girls’ Generation)’ Jacket Sketch
– “Girls’ Generation” M/V Sketch
– “Kissing You” M/V Sketch
– Mobile Photoshoot Sketch
– THE 1st ALBUM REPACKAGE “Baby Baby” Jacket Sketch
– Mobile Photoshoot – Meet & Greet Sketch
– THE 1st MINI ALBUM “Gee” Jacket Sketch
– “Gee” M/V Sketch
– “Gee” The 1st Stage (SBS Inkigayo) Behind Story
– THE 2nd MINI ALBUM “Genie” Jacket Sketch
– “Genie” M/V Sketch
– “Genie” The 1st Stage (SBS인기가요) Behind Scenes
– everysing Sticker Photoshoot Sketch
– “SPAO” Photoshoot Sketch
– THE 2nd ALBUM “Oh!” Jacket Sketch- “Oh!” M/V Sketch
– THE 2nd ALBUM REPACKAGE “Run Devil Run” Jacket Sketch
– “Run Devil Run” M/V Sketch
– “Run Devil Run” Manito Game
– “Oh!” The 1st Stage (SBS인기가요) Behind Scenes
– THE 3rd ALBUM “Hoot” Jacket Sketch
– “Hoot” M/V Sketch
– “Genie” 3D M/V Sketch

– 070805 Inkigayo “Into the New World”
– 071118 Inkigayo “Girls’ Generation”
– 071125 Inkigayo “Girls’ Generation”
– 080127 Inkigayo “Kissing You”
– 080217 Inkigayo “Kissing You’ & Myutijeunsong Award
– 080323 Inkigayo “Baby Baby”
– 080413 Inkigayo “Baby Baby”
– 080525 Inkigayo “Oppa Nappa”
– 090111 Inkigayo “Gee”
– 090118 Inkigayo “Gee” & Myutijeunsong Award
– 090301 Inkigayo “Dear, Mom “
– 090308 Inkigayo “Himnae! (Way to Go)”
– 090628 Inkigayo “Etude”, “Genie”
– 090705 Inkigayo “Genie”
– 100131 Inkigayo “Show! Show! Show!”, “Oh!”
– 100207 Inkigayo “Oh!”
– 100321 Inkigayo “Run Devil Run”
– 100411 Inkigayo “Run Devil Run”
– 100530 Dream Concert “Run Devil Run” & “Oh!”
– 091003 Idol Big Show “Into the New World”, “Gee”
– 090226 Kim Jung-eun’s Chocolate “Girls’ Generation Special”
– 090816 Kim Jung-eun’s Chocolate “Girls’ Generation Special”
– 100411 Kim Jung-eun’s Chocolate “Girls’ Generation Special”

You can purchase the “All About Girls’ Generation” DVD + Photobook here at YesAsia.

Source: Nate,, Yurui
Written by: [email protected]
Translated by: [email protected]

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