Singer and actress Jang Nara is gaining attention for singing Girls’ Generation’s ‘Girls’ Generation’.

In the newly broadcast KBS drama ‘Baby Faced Beauty’, Jang Nara’s character, Soyoung, was fired from her job as she was deemed too old. In order to feel better, she drank her emotions away. While in a drunken state, Jang Nara’s character overcame her depressed mood by singing Girls’ Generation’s song ‘Girls’ Generation’ in a cute manner. In order to make the scene more fun and comedic, a picture of Girls’ Generation (the group) was even shown briefly on the television screen.

Netizens responded to her singing the song by saying, “As expected, she has an unrivaled baby face”, “I watch the drama because I want to see Jang Nara”, “As expected, she’s a baby-faced beauty”.

Jang Nara plays a 34-year old spinster who attempts to overcome bad credit and only having a high school diploma in order to achieve her dreams and find love. The romantic comedy also features Choi Daniel, Ryujin, and Kim Minseo.

It seems like the recent korean dramas enjoy featuring the girls, don’t forget Kim Taehee’s cute ‘Hoot’ dance in ‘My Princess’!

Sources: Nate
Written by: [email protected]

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