Girls’ Generation’s Sunshine Girl, Sunny, is having her birthday on the 15th and she received a meaningful birthday congratulations from fans. Girls’ Generation’s representative fan cafe, Cistus, put an advertisement in a daily newspaper on the 13th to congratulate the coming of the 23rd Sunny Day. “Sunny Day” is the word that fans use to describe “the special day on which Sunny was born”.

Oh (37 years old), who oversees Cistus, said, “Sunny’s birthday is on Sunday, the 15th, so we put an early advertisement on the 13th.” Cistus donated Happy Beans in Sunny’s name to ChildFund. Cistus has continuously been donating Happy Beans on the birthdays of Girls’ Generation members.

They also volunteered in Sunny’s name on the 7th (Saturday) at a farm in Yeoju. Kim Jihoon (26 years old), the leader of the volunteer group, said, “We specially decided to volunteer at a farming village this time around because Sunny and Yuri were regulars on ‘Invincible Youth’.” They split into 2 groups and went to 2 different farms. Like in “Invincible Youth”, they worked in a vinyl greenhouse and a mushroom farm.

Kim (24 years old) traveled from Daegu to volunteer and said, “I worked in a vinyl greenhouse, like the Girls’ Generation members did on ‘Invincible Youth’. It was my first time doing that type of work so it wasn’t easy, but since I was able to do the same things that Yuri and Sunny did at a different time in a different location, I was very happy.” Song (26 years old) volunteered at the mushroom farm and said, “I didn’t even get to see any mushrooms because we moved oak trees that will be used as host plants when cultivating mushrooms, but the food I ate after we finished tasted like the best honey.”

It just so happens that Girls’ Generation will start their full-scale Japanese promotions on the 13th. A Cistus member affectionately said, “I hope that all 9 SNSD members will always be happy and I look forward to seeing your awesome Japanese promotions.”

Cistus said the following in its advertisement:

Dazzling sunshine..
This is what your name means.

Whenever we say your name
We get warm, happy, and
Feel better.

That’s why..
Your cheerfulness and
Your dazzle and
Your happy smile
That you have now is what we wish to continue seeing
So we wish to protect you for a long time.

May 15 is,
Like the clear May skies,
The dazzlingly shining
SNSD’s ‘Sunny’s’ 23rd birthday.

SNSD’s ‘Sunny’ is loved
And the feelings of all those fans are included with this
And we sincerely congratulate you on your birthday.”

Source: Nate
Translated by: [email protected]
Edited by: [email protected]
Contributor: 오이사랑싴

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