SM Entertainment’s young pop dance group f(x) just recently released their first full-length album “Pinocchio” after nearly a year-long hiatus. Being the youngest girl group in SM Town, the members mentioned their Girls Generation sunbaes in the ‘Thanks To’ section of their album.

Leader Victoria said, “[…] The Girls’ Generation sunbaes, who gave me good advice!”

Taiwanese-American member Amber said, “[…] Big Sis Sooyoung unnie, Yuri unnie~ Stop waking me up in the morning! Sunny unnie, who’s like a real sister to me, Tiff, Jess, Taeyeon unnie.”

Child actress Sulli said, “[…] Fany unnie and Sooyoung unnie, who always pray for me, thank you!”

And Jessica’s little sister, Krystal said, “I’m always thankful to my one and only family – Mom, Dad, and Unnie, Thank you and I love you^^ […] Jackson Hwang!* Thank you to all these and other SM staff members and sunbaes^^”

It’s good to see SM Town members supporting each other and showing strong hoobae and sunbae** relationships.

* Jackson Hwang is a nickname for Tiffany, coming from Michael Jackson and her surname “Hwang”.
** “Hoobae” and “Sunbae” mean Junior and Senior respectively

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