Kim Younghee, the ex-PD for “I Am A Singer” pointed out Xiah Junsu, Kim Taeyeon, Hyorin and IU as possible idols who could appear on the show.

The former PD for MBC’s “I Am A Singer” met reporters on April 18th and said, “I’ve worked alongside recognized and established singers, and there are also idols who are excellent singers and are capable of appearing on the show.” He listed JYJ’s Junsu, Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon and Sistar’s Hyorin as singers who “have strong enough vocals.”

In fact, Kim Younghee PD was planning to cast IU and the process of casting her was already in the earlier stages. However, it was canceled when he had to leave his position from its direction team.

Xiah Junsu was chosen in a survey last year as the male idol with the best vocals. Additionally, ‘MR (Music Recorded) Removed’ videos of Hyorin were uploaded, and she was given the nickname ‘crazy singer’ due to her powerful vocals.

The reputation of Taeyeon’s singing abilities is also already in its highest place. There was a rumor going around near the beginning of the show that if an idol was to be casted, it would be Taeyeon.

With a new system in place, some have expressed concerns with regards to the possible appearance of idols on the show. This is because “I Am A Singer” has a strong image that is unlike typical entertainment shows. After a short hiatus, “I Am A Singer” has resumed recording and will be broadcast starting May 1st.

Do you think Taeyeon should be in the show?

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