Jessica and Taeyeon, both from the girl group Girls’ Generation, wore see-through outfits on the fashion runway and the red carpet, and are being called ‘pure and glamorous’ for doing so.

On March 29th, Jessica modeled at the F/W Seoul Fashion Week show, held at the Seoul Exhibition and Trade Center, and showed off clothes designed by famous designer Lee Juyoung. Jessica led the other models down the runway, and seized the show in the process.

On this day, Jessica wore a laced, black satin dress that gave off an alluring femme fatale feel.

In particular, her physique was highlighted by the see-through look created by the laces and a wide belt serving as a corset. Jessica’s hidden sexiness was brought to light by a slit skirt which showed her legs and matching long boots.

On the other hand, late last year at the Melon Music Awards, Taeyeon wore a black mini dress as she walked on the red carpet, bringing both a sexy image and a sense of “innocent glamour.”

Taeyeon strayed from her rather cute image with a deep neck line and some exposed black lace. However, while the black lace was exposed, she avoided direct exposure of her cleavage, creating a coy, yet sexy persona.

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Source: Nate

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