It’s been 3 months since 9-member girl group Girls’ Generation ended their ‘Hoot’ promotions. There has been great interest on what they have been doing in recent days.

Girls’ Generation struck the music industry last October with ‘Hoot’. They are currently taking a break from promotions in Korea after 2010’s year end performances on all 3 of the major broadcasting channels.

However, being the most popular girl group, Girls’ Generation is still busy.

Since the end of ‘Hoot’ promotions up until the devastating earthquake in Japan, the girls not only promoted in Japan, but they also filmed several commercials in Korea.

SM Entertainment, the music label Girls’ Generation is currently in, revealed that on the 28th that “Girls’ Generation is still actively filming commercials for Intel, Woongjin Coway water purifier, Vita500, etc”.

Also, they mentioned that “The third single ‘Mr.Taxi’ will be released in Japan on April 13th. Not only are we planning on promotions for this single, we are also planning several other future albums that will be released in Japan.”

SM added “The Girls’ Generation members are still busy after ‘Hoot’ promotions, and are still living their every day lives productively.”

Meanwhile, Girls’ Generation appeared in the MBC Special Hallyu Concert this past month alongside TVXQ, Wonder Girls and other artists.

Translated by 오이사랑싴
credit: Nate

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