Three years ago last month, Soshified released their first subbing project, a Girls’ Generation interview with UFO Town, with only three subbers working on the translations. Earlier this week and 54 additional subbers later, Soshified released their 500th SoShi Subs project, a radio interview with Kim Heechul’s Young Street Radio. This particular visit was from November 12th, 2010, and features the random interactions and funny moments we have come to expect and love from the girls.

We all know how hard it is for all nine girls to appear on a program at once, but when they do, it brings the show to another level. When one of the girls is missing, it feels like a voice has been lost, both literally and figuratively. Luckily, we don’t have to worry about that in this bora, as all nine girls appear together. Heechul does well in spreading questions around and giving each girl equal time to speak throughout the show. What would have been nice is if Heechul had asked some questions that were aimed to the group as a whole rather than directing each question to a specific member. This way, there would have been suspense in seeing which girl will decide to answer the question first and what she’s going to say. There would also be more of the spontaneous and lively debates and commotions that make the girls so interesting and fun to watch and listen to, though there definitely is no shortage of that in this episode already.

As expected for a fellow SM member, Heechul seems to feel comfortable when talking with the girls, joking around with them and asking personal questions. A problem that can plague interviews between hosts and guests who happen to be personal friends is that the show turns into a personal conversation. Inside jokes and stories unknown to the public may be brought up without a necessary introduction, leaving the viewer feeling left out. While there are points where you can almost sense the interview heading down this path, Heechul does a good job mostly keeping the conversation in areas where the audience feels as if they know what is going on, even though you can tell Heechul and the girls are close.

There are some interesting topics that are discussed in this show. Of course, since the girls were promoting their Hoot album then and promoting in Japan, there are the obligatory questions about their Japanese experiences and performances of Hoot and My Best Friend. The girls also answer questions about whom they would and would not like to be with in certain situations, and this was the episode in which the girls provide the famous answers from other celebrities about which animals they look like. A hilarious bonus is the return of Rapper Yul with the girls backing her up.

Compared to other appearances whether on TV or radio, there is nothing particularly special about this visit. Heechul asks the girls questions relating to recent activities and about their personalities and preferences. A new SONE might be overwhelmed with this gamut of new information since little background is provided, though would definitely still be entertained since Heechul and the girls are their hyper and energetic selves. A fan who has kept up with the girls’ activities and knows the girls well would get a good laugh. Nothing earth-shattering or particularly new is revealed, but this episode is recommendable for those who have an hour to spare and need a Girls’ Generation fix.

To watch this particular episode, click on the embedded video above, or go to the video gallery or ssfsubs6 on YouTube. To download the video, go to SoShi Subs Releases.

Source: SoShi Subs, SBS
Written by: [email protected]