It’s Soshified’s 3rd Anniversary! To celebrate an amazing 3 years full of ups and downs, we want to thank you for being part of our community in a special way.

From all the staff here at Soshified, we want to convey our deepest thanks to each and every one of you for your endless support, undying enthusiasm and unconditional love for our nine girls. Soshified has grown so much over the past 3 years and we wouldn’t be where we are today without you, our members. Even if you weren’t with us from the beginning, we would like to thank you for joining us and being an important part of our extended family. With hopes of growing with us even more than we have now, we hope all new comers and future comers alike will join us in a united cause to support these girls who have given us this opportunity to share not just their experiences but our own.

3 years may not seem too old but it isn’t too young either. We as a site and family wish only for the best of its members and overall community and so for every laugh, every smile, every friend, and every new moment we hope that we can create even more. From meet-ups, to special events, to even personal messages from the girls themselves, we wish to provide the best coverage to convey our deepest gratitude. From the entertainment these girls have given us, to the opportunity the members have given us to show that the girls’ hard work does not go unnoticed, we again want to thank you.

We’ve shared laughs with them, we’ve cried with them and we have celebrated with them. And we will continue to be with them. 9 girls 1 cause. And we will continue to be there. Through thick and thin, through tall and short, from 1 through 9 and 9 to 1, just know here on Soshified we will forever be SONE.

Here are some words from us, to you. We hope you enjoy reading this and have a Happy Lunar New Year!

3 Years…」

Happy Birthday to our precious Soshified!

Dear Soshified members,

Wow, I can’t believe this is our third birthday as Soshified. There are a lot of simple things in life that we should be grateful for and for me one of them is Soshified. Soshified has given me so many opportunities and I’ve been able to meet so many people through the site that I would have never gotten the chance to without it. I’m very thankful for our hardworking staff that works consistently behind the scenes for our site. Without your hard work and consistent efforts our site would not be as well organized and as great as it is. So I’m thankful for everyone that have been or is a part of our staff, past or present, I want to thank everyone for their efforts. We all share the same common goal of uniting SONEs around the world to help support Girls’ Generation and I find that a beautiful goal and one that we should continue to work towards with great enthusiasm in the future. Thank you to all our staff members, for all your efforts in subbing, styling, designing, moderating, uploading, streaming, writing etc. Above all thank you for being such a family to me these past 3 years. I don’t think you guys know it but a lot of your one on one talks helped me a lot throughout these past 3 years and I want to thank you for taking the time to care and talk to me.

On a side note our site would never be possible without the support of the members. Soshified will always be the community by the fans for the fans. I want to thank all the members on our site that have been with us through the ups and downs. No matter why you’re on this site, I want to thank you for making a contribution and for supporting us. It just shows that you don’t need to be staff to show that you care about this site by helping us through uploading photos, videos, posting replies to threads and just keeping things active (hey even if you lurk, it’s ok because we’re all fans). In all honesty, when I feel down or wonder why Soshified was started, I go to random threads and read replies from members and it just amazes me and makes me realize why we keep Soshified going. Soshified for a lot of people is now a home for their Girls’ Generation needs. I’m truly happy because that was our original intent on creating this site and we are staying true to that original plan. Our family has grown in numbers the past 3 years and I hope to see the same type of growth in the next 300 years to be honest. I believe as long as we continue to push Soshified as an international bridge between Girls’ Generation and the world we will continue to have great success because everyone will see how much of an impact our girls are having on the world.

Happy 3rd Birthday to all of us!

As it is the start of 2011, I hope we can meet more fans throughout the world and give them the ability to meet other SONEs around the world or locally. I’ve been blessed to have met so many people through Soshified these past 3 years and being able to experience so many meet-ups and just gatherings with SONEs that I’ve met through Soshified has shown me the good that our society has to offer. I’m very thankful because not in a 100 years I would have ever thought I would meet such inspiring, hardworking, and sincere folks on some site online. Soshified is no longer just “some site online” but like I said before a home for me. So thank you once again from the bottom (and top and middle) of my heart!

Let’s work hard in 2011 :) Remember there’s a lot for us to learn, a lot for us to grow, but as long as we’re doing it together we should enjoy the journey!

– Mrs Soshified (Soy)

☆- – –Admin

Happy 3rd Birthday Soshified.

Thank you to the 9 girls because without them, there will never be SONEs nor Soshified. Thank you to the entire team for the past 3 years of awesomeness that shaped Soshified to what it is now. Last but not least, thank you to near 150,000 members here in Soshified because you are who Soshified is made for.

Soshified is only this awesome because we have all of you. Our members. People who kept discussions going, sharing news and photos with fellow members, and always being here to help keep Soshified active. Thank you to the members who take part actively in planning for projects to our girls. Especially to the donators who kept our projects going for the girls and letting feel the international love coming from Soshified.

It had been 3 years but time seemed to have flew by us while we are busy cheering for our girls together on Soshified. Lots have changed and improved over the years and we see members and staffs come and go. But what doesn’t change is the love SONEs have for the girls.

It’s a real wonder when I see people watching Soshisubs videos in public. It made me feel soooo proud of the site and of course the staff team for making all these possible. What started as a site to spread the love for Girls’ Generation became a gathering place for SONEs regardless of countries to share and deepen their love for the girls.

I want to thank personally all the SONEs I had met over the past 3 years. The amazing K-SONEs whom I interacted with before over my trips to Korea; the warm and kind Thai-SONEs that I met in Bangkok; the sweet Taiwan fans I know in Korea; the international fans through Soshified threads and Twitter; and last but not least, the SG-SONEs whom I had the honor of interacting with the most. SONEs, regardless of where you are from, are the most amazing fans ever.

In these 3 years, we had gone through so many milestones that I can’t help but be proud to be part of these. Be it recognition from the girls themselves (the multiple logins), the company itself (SM and the LA Meetup), the media (go check out how many times Soshified appeared in the news!) or SONEs in general, we had achieved a lot in 3 years, and will continue to achieve bigger things in 2011.

Let’s bring Soshified to yet another peak together with our girls, for our girls! RAWR!

We can do it right, Soshified SONEs?

우리함께갑시다! 2011년 고고싱!

– Wenting

☆- – –Super Moderators

I feel very lucky that I was able to see Soshified grow from being a baby to being what it it today. 3 years sure does fly by past and these 3 years has been nothing but wonderful memories. I still remember back in early 2008 how we were all anticipating the members online record break over 100 and these days we average 1000 members easily. Just shows how much Soshified has grown and will continue to do so! This would not be possible without the wonderful staff that work so hard to make Soshified what it is today. It’s awesome to see how we can build such strong relationships despite not seeing each other in real life. You guys aren’t just staff members but also friends that I can spazz with about SNSD and make jokes to (and rant keke) :D. I will always be grateful for that ♥
Even though it can be stressful at times I will always find myself time to check out threads you guys make. Thank you for always posting and spazzing about the girls because you guys are the ones that make this place active and enjoyable. It feels great to be constantly around people that share the same sentiments as I have. Without the members Soshified would not be the biggest international forum out there. From simply making a post to joining in projects you guys really do make an impact. I’m thankful for each and every Soshified staff/member I’ve come to known and become closer to. I haven’t met any of you personally but if I could I would give all of you a big hug to show how much I appreciate you guys being in my life.

So thank you to the whole Soshified family from staff to members. Thank you guys and stay awesome.
Forever Soshified

– grandma deer

With the coming anniversary, I know a lot of us are saying things like, “Three years already? How time flies.” but honestly, I feel like Soshified has been around for much more than that. To think that it’s only been three years since I found the link to Soshified on Soompi is simply mind boggling.
The member milestones that we achieved over the years is a testament to the success of the girls internationally and to the handwork put in by Soy and the staff of Soshified. Back then I know none of us expected Soshified to grow to the size it is today.
I remember when we were nearing 1,000 members, the staff sat around thinking about how big Soshified had become at that time. The days of knowing all the members on Soshified were coming to an end and we wondered how we were to maintain this ever growing community. Would it be possible to keep Soshified small? Can we keep SNSD small?

The answer was a resounding no. From 1 to 100, to 1,000, 10,000 and 100,000+, Soshified is something we can’t put a limit on because the growth of Soshified is fastened to the hips of 9 girls. As they grow, dance, sing, laugh and cry their way through this world, so too will Soshified be there to share in the same. As long as these 9 girls keep looking and running towards the stars, so too will Soshified be there to support these 9.

I’ve never had the chance to personally meet the members of our staff but am I ever proud to be a member of this fine group of people. Our staff comes from all the corners of the world but despite the distance, cultures and lives we lead, we can find a common ground in SNSD. We’ve seen a lot of people come and go over the years but each has been a great help to make Soshified what it is today. We wouldn’t be where we are today had it not been for the vision, dedication and passion of our staff and I’m excited to see what tomorrow brings. So I want to thank my fellow staff members for their tireless and selfless work to keep Soshified on it’s feet day in and day out. Lets continue to give our best to SNSD and SONEs all over the world.

Lastly, I want to thank the members of Soshified, the regular members, the ones in black and pink. I always hear people say that they aren’t heard or seen on Soshified but I want you guys to know that you guys are heard. I can see you, Soshified can see you and most importantly, SNSD can see you. The staff can work to build the house but a house is nothing without people to live inside of it. You are the ones that give this house warmth, light and life. Truly and deeply, thank you.

So it’s been three years of Soshified but it’s as the girls say, “지금은 소녀시대. 앞으로도 소녀시대. 영원히 소녀시대.” No matter where you are in the world, you can believe in Soshified to bridge the way to SNSD.

Now, in the future and forever.

Happy 3rd year, everyone. All the best!

– lnykt

Happy 3 Years of Soshified!

I’ve been a Soshified member for 3 years now. Words can’t describe how amazing my Soshified experience has been. It felt like home, people were warm and it truly felt like a family. I would spend hours here and I wouldn’t even realize it. I can’t even imagine how one can call himself a Sone without being a Soshified member. This family helped me grow as a Sone. Without all of you members, Soshified would not be what it is today. And I am sure your Soshified experience has been great. I saw Soshified as a humble little site dedicated to SNSD and I thought it would stay that way. But boy, was I wrong. Soshified can be dubbed (without a doubt in my mind) as one of the most active international fansites for any Kpop act – if not exactly THE most active. Soshified is definitely a site you should be proud to be a part of. For every milestone SNSD has reached, Soshified had milestones of its own. Just as SNSD became a group we Sones can be proud of, we also became a site SNSD can be proud of.

As a staff member for around 2 years, I’ve seen Soshified grow. The very diligent staffers are people we should salute. The dedication is outstanding. The team has given more than creative ideas, strong teamwork and manpower to bring us the best Soshified experience possible. I have been inactive for a long time, which is very regretful. But I am proud and happy to see that the staff’s dedication never waned. There were so many bumps along the way, but these helped the team become stronger and create even bigger achievements. I will always be proud of our staffers for giving their best in keeping Soshified in tip-top shape. The staff has stuck to its goal in bringing good service to the members, and that’s one of the most important things I think we have really done. :) And staffers are just Sones like everyone else, fueled with love for SNSD. It is in the Soshified staff that I have met interesting people that I certainly do not regret knowing. I may have not been around as much anymore but I hope you guys know that you’re all amazing. It’s an honor working with all of you.

My words aren’t ever enough to fully express how proud I am of what Soshified has become and how thankful I am to the staff. Let’s all continue to look forward to a bigger and better year for SNSD and Soshified. Keep cheering for Soshified! Happy birthday Soshified!

– raspberries.

Has it been 3 years already? Seems like just yesterday that I signed up to be a member when Soshified was just in its infancy period. Where do I even start? Words are failing me right now. I can’t really put it into words to describe how the last 3 years of being on Soshified have been for me but this one sentence probably best describe it; It’s been one hell of a ride. I’ve been turned from a casual kpop fan to a SONE that have been absolutely and wholly Soshified. Look at Soshified now. So big, so full of activity, still going strong and never once did we go off track from the original intention of creating this site. A place where you can get anything and everything related to the girls. I am proud of what we’ve achieved so far and how successful we’ve been in spreading the love. 3 years that have been spent working on a site created by SONEs for SONEs. To my fellow lovely hardworking staffs, the crazy hours we all put in to make this site run smoothly, all the countless meetings and discussion threads created, the sleepless nights and the many sore wrists.. all this and not asking for anything in return, you guys are an awesome bunch of people. Love you guys and thank you so much for staying with the site for as long as you guys have been. But what really makes the site this successful is because of the members that helped out in creating this awesome community. Without the constant feedbacks from the members, the sharing of hundreds of videos, pics, rumors, news and anything and everything regarding the girls.. we would be nothing. So thank you. Thank you all for everything. I’ve met so many interesting people the past 3 years which I don’t think I would have met if I’ve not come across Soshified. Without a doubt, Girls’ Generation is an amazing group of girls but the SONEs I’ve met, talked and worked with.. they are equally as amazing. All the support, unending creativity (coughinterestingandcrazythreadtopicscough) and drive constantly amazes me. You guys are the pillar of this fandom and this site. Without all of you, nothing would have been possible. Without all of you, we would crumble and become just another site that will soon be forgotten. We’ve had a great run so far, so let’s continue on running forward together and keep on supporting the 9 girls that we all love so dearly.

– Riin

Woori “precious soshified,” Happy 3 year anniversary.

There’s a saying that “nothing lasts forever”, to be frank, we all know it’s true. But what the heck, we don’t need anything to last forever since we are, here, enjoying every moment of it and trying our best at everything. Soshified is an outstanding website. Some praise our achievements and support this site wholeheartedly. Some complain that this place is too elitists and self-centered. But, guess what? “Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” Here, only 3 years have passed and this site has grown so much. So so so much that no one could ever had imagined. I am glad to have joined this place since the very beginning, since the time when we were the “underdog.” I am grateful to have grown with it for 3 years, to have been able to experience all the ups and downs, moments of joy and frustration, dramas and gracious achievements. It’s always been here where I am able to express my love for the girls freely, support them wholeheartedly, befriend with a couple of amazing people that I value so much in my life. Here, I’ve learnt that hard work is paid off; team work is the most important thing to keep this site as strong as it has been; there might be doubts but never lose faith in yourself and what can you do. This site keeps my love for the girls alive. With the members, we discuss about the silliest thing from Taeyeon’s butt fetish, to the most serious thing such as Tiffany’s faith. Here, we ask for homework help on sbox to doing charity projects for our girls. With other staff members, we argue and get frustrated, but we work and grow stronger together. It’s what family do. I am the type who doesn’t express my emotion freely; the type who isn’t good at using words to describe my feelings; the type who hate cheesy talks. But here I am, writing a wall of text full of emotions.

“We tend to forget that happiness doesn’t come as a result of getting something we don’t have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have.” — Frederick Koenig

Thank you sosifhied. I am grateful and proud to be a part of it.

– sica*LXIX=sin(ty)

☆- – –Moderators

Happy third year to the most enthusiastic and creative fanforum~

It’s already 3 years since i became a part of the Soshified community and i still remember the reason i joined this forum was because of its pretty girly pink layout(other than this is a SNSD fanforum). I never get active in a specific group/artists’ fanforum mainly because i believe that the variety of topics that can be discussed are limited. . . . but every now and then i remember seeing some really interesting threads and i knew this fandom is something.

Being able to become a part of the Soshified team even more made me realize that we are truly something special. People always remember Soshified getting the “boom” of success from our first gift project to the girls and the girls wearing/using the gifts. But honestly, without the people who truly see the project from the start till the end, all these would not have been able to happen. And of course, im very grateful that the idols that we love are an amazing and equally appreciative bunch of girls who adore their fans. I believe that’s also the reason why Soshified has been advancing and growing, because of both the fans and the idols. I count myself honored to have been able to see how these amazing projects happen and even till the future if Soshified is no longer active or as big as currently, i know Soshified have already marked itself in the Kpop fandom history.

p.s: We were once called ‘Soshifieds’ instead of ‘Sones’, amajingly hilarious.

– .smile!

Happy 3rd Anniversary, Soshified!

Wow, I can’t believe it’s only been three years since Soshified first started. With all the things that have happened, good and bad, it seemed like SSF was around for a lot longer. Then again, the same could be said for SNSD themselves.

I joined SSF two months after it was created. And let me tell you, it still remains as one of my best decisions in life. As sad as that may sound, SSF did play a huge role in my life. I’m not talking about getting news from the forum, or downloading videos and audios. I mean yea, that’s essential in creating a good fandom experience for myself, but that isn’t the main reason why SSF has become so important to me. Soshified gave me the opportunity to meet a lot of great people, whether in real life or online. Nothing really leaves as deep of an impression or is as heartfelt as actual human interaction. I guess it all started with Hollywood bowl 09. That was when I really put myself out there and became involved in all the events and projects SSF held, instead of just donating every now and then. I flew to California with a fellow sone, whom I have never met prior to joining SSF. I think it’s a wonderful feat that people within the same community can trust each other so much. Most of the people I met along the way has become part of my life now. As in, we talk regularly and even meet up occasionally. (And oh yea, somewhere down the road, I became a moderator for this amazing forum, talk about a great honor!)

Amongst all of the great things that I’ve experienced through SSF, there was one thing that left the biggest impression on me in 2010, and that is soshified’s Smtown meet up in LA. From the planning to the actual meet up, every second of it was enjoyable. I’m pretty sure the meet up planners would agree with me on that. I learned and gained a lot from taking part in organizing that event, as I was able to experience the headaches of planning and the rewards of a successful event. Just thinking about all those sones gathered in one place makes me feel all giddy and fuzzy inside, even til this day!

If you ask me what I feel about soshified, I’d honestly tell you its a feeling I cannot put into words. It’s a lot of feelings bundled into one, actually. Now, I can’t say they’re all positive feelings (yes, I am looking at all of you bullies right now lol), but they’re all feelings that have shaped and impacted me. And because of that, I’d really like to thank each and every one of you for making this possible.

Members, thank you for joining our family of international sones and thank you for sticking with us through it all. Without you, we would have nothing to work for and none of what we’ve achieved could have been possible. Staff, what can I say? You guys are the backbone of Soshified. I have so much respect, love, and gratitude for each and every one of you. Your dedication and diligence is something that I will always admire. The members are like the pages of a book, and staff, the spine that holds the pages together. Admins and woori founder, soshified wouldn’t have existed without you. Thank you for your consistent dedication to not only SNSD but this forum as well.

From the members, to the staff, to the admins and founder, I thank you for your love for snsd and for your contribution to ssf. Let’s celebrate what we have achieved and let’s cheers to another great year!

– cheesinator

Seasons change and people change, but one thing I can always count on is Soshified’s love for SNSD.

It’s been almost 2 years since I joined Soshified but I’ll never forget how impressed I was by the project support, enthusiasm in discussions and members’ passion for all things SNSD. 2 years on, those very same things have only gotten stronger as we watch our girls go from strength to strength. Being able to grow with SNSD as their “precious international site” has been nothing short of an amazing and meaningful experience. I count myself blessed to be part of a community that shares my love for a special group of 9.

We’ve had our ups and downs as a fansite that’s constantly growing but nothing has been more fulfilling than finding ways to support SNSD internationally. As we challenge ourselves to take on bigger projects, I wanna thank all the members who have made our achievements possible. Many of our milestones in 2010 – the LA meet-ups, Visual Dreams promotions and Charity Water project, just to name a few – would’ve been impossible without the generosity, love and support from all of you. Even if you weren’t able to contribute directly, being around as a pillar of support was enough encouragement to all of us. Thank you all for making Soshified for what it is today. Your love for the girls is inspiring, and the endless spazzing around the forum always puts a smile on my face.

To all the staff that have built Soshified, it’s been an honour for me to work with a team that leads and supports each other like a family. I’ve met so many new friends because of Soshified, and I don’t want to imagine what my life would be like without some of you guys. Being a mod on the biggest K-pop international forum can be stressful at times, but it helps to know that I have so many good friends in this with me. Thanks to all the other mods, graphic designers, tech admins, stylists, subbers, DJs, uploaders, streamers, project leaders – we wouldn’t be where we are now without you all!

Happy 3rd Birthday Soshified! My life would suck without you ♥


– doe

I joined Soshified during the summer of 2008. I didn’t have any hope for it to be a summer filled with lots of fun because like every other year I would stay at home and occupy myself with less interesting things. When a friend of mine introduced me to a certain video where 2 of the 9 girls attended, I thought “huh what a weird bunch of girls. There is this girl who frantically claps her hands like a seal when she’s laughing and the other girl opens her mouth so wide when she laughs. The show was asmusing but what’s weird is that the subtitles were pink. If that didn’t look strange.” Well could you guys guess the show? It was Miraculous Victory with DBSK and Tiffany and Yoona, subbed by Soshifieds very own pink subs, Soshi Subs. Thus, somehow my friend and I really got into SNSD, we stayed up late into the nights to watch SooRi’s drama Unstoppable Marriage with Pink Subs and soon we also got to know all the members and had our own favorites. If it wouldn’t be for the subbers hard work I would have never discovered SNSD at that time. After some more time, we finally found our way to Soshified. I actually thought to myself: What a forum? What should I do on a forum? I shouldnt spend my time with this” Guess what, I will forever cherish my newbie time on Soshified. Everything was so new, interesting and yes NEW for me. Who would have thought that reading all these interesting threads could make me love these 9 girls even more?” It’s all thanks to the members and staffs at that time who really got me into this fandom. I guess you could say I got Soshified. By the way, it’s weird when I see subs without the colour pink now. :D

So I would like to sincerely thank all the members and staff of Soshified for the past 3 awesome years. Without you, Soshified would not be what it is today.
Thank you to the members because without your creative ideas to make such interesting, funny crazy and informative threads, Soshified wouldn’t be as active as it would be today. It’s all because of you guys.

Also thank you to the fellow staff members who let me join this amazing team. It’s been an amazing journey with you guys and it’s an honor for me to be able to work with all you awesome people.
Thank you to all my fellows mods and smods, media team, graphic designers, motion graphics, stylists, DJs, project leaders, subbers, admins, tech admins and of course woori founder Soy. Thank you guys for everything you’ve done for Soshified and the girls. It is your endless hard work that keeps the site growing bigger and bigger! Soshified gave me the opportunity to meet so many new friends and I’m really thankful for it because you guys are like my second family to me. I’m truly grateful and proud to be part of such an amazing and wonderful team.

Global Generation go! Hwaiting!

– Ganookie

Wow… Soshified is turning 3 already! I remember joining back in April 2008 when Soshified was barely 3 months old! Time sure does fly by fast, especially when we’re having fun with those special to us. I would like to thank all the staff and members of Soshified for an awesome three years of Soshified! Without Soshified… I don’t quite know where I would be right now. A tragic event happened in my life in 2008, and I found it very hard to pick myself up. However, I found comfort and strength in the girls, SONEs, and Soshified. Becoming a SONE and joining Soshified literally changed my life~ I got to meet so many people and made a lot of new friends. You guys are like my second family. ^^

I really hope Soshified has an awesome 2011~ 2010 was simply an amazing year for Soshified. We started getting so much recognition from K-fans because of the SM Town in LA meet-up! I will never, ever forget that experience. It was cool to see the girls up close, but my favorite part of the weekend (actually, favorite part of 2010) was hanging out with SONEs from around the world as if we were one giant family. It didn’t matter where we were from or whether we were meeting for the first time. In the end, we are all SONEs. It was the first time in my life that I clicked so quickly with other people. A very, very big thank you to all the people I met during that weekend. I love you guys ^^ ♥

2011… just wait. Soshified is gonna be bigger and better than ever. ^^

– Ghost

Happy 3rd Birthday Soshified!

First of all, I would like to thank you to Girls’ Generation/So Nyuh Shi Dae/SNSD/소녀시대/少女時代, the very sole reason why SONEs and Soshified exist. Thank you to the most amazing staff team I ever met so far for giving me a chance to join the team. I could still remember the time that I’m always checking my phone in class just to see if I got a PM saying I passed the application and when I did, I literally jumped for joy. LOL.

Time really flies so fast that it’s been 3 years for Soshified, and 1 year and a half for me being part of the family. I never once imagined that there’s video file amounting to 400mb but only runs a couple of minutes. Since then I live my life in High Definition, thanks to those numerous 1080p videos, hd fancams, hd/hq pictures, and of course forever famous PINK SUBS. I’ve never seen a site so organized and complete with goodies – indeed Soshified is your ultimate source for everything Soshi.

Most importantly though, Soshified and its members has taught me that being a fan is more than just spazzing over your idols but it’s also about friendship between us fellow SONES. Being on this fandom made me gain countless of friends and I’m that amazed that even different kinds of people could unite just because of this 9 girls.

So THANK YOU SO MUCH SOSHIFIED STAFF TEAM – Admins, SMods, fellow Mods, Tech Admins, Soshi Subbers, Graphic Designers, Motion Graphics, Project Leaders, Stylists, DJs, and most especially to our Founder, Ms. Soy – for all the dedication, and hard work for making all of this possible: Jessica logging in invisibly and spazz over her own photos; Fany chatting in sbox and eventually crashing Soshified; for all the countless projects, charities, and gifts; for making us the number one and biggest international fanbase for 소녀시대; and last but not least making Kid Leader Taengoo write: ‘Our precious International site, Soshified!’

I really didn’t expect that something like this would be a huge impact to me. Somehow Soshified gave me another set of memories that I would cherish, be it good or bad, I will never regret anything that happened along the way. I’ll always be proud to say that I’m a SONE and I became part of such an amazing community here in Soshified.

Stay cool everyone and don’t stop loving and supporting our nine beautiful angels. :)

I just wish that we could all personally meetup too. ^^

– gM.Saix

Happy Birthday Soshified! Though I am still on vacation, I will take a moment to give my thanks to the wonderful members of Soshified.

I first joined Soshified after being won over during SNSD’s Kissing you promotion. I was not prepared for the roller coaster ride that was to turn my life into a tireless SONE. Thank you for giving me the chance to meet new people. The jokes, laughs and meetings are precious memories that will forever be treasured in my heart. To the awesome staff and ex-staffers, it has been a pleasure to work with each and everyone of you throughout my two years as a moderator. Every team works just has hard and I hope we continue to give the best of our abilities to keep Soshified running smooth and strong.

If I had to pick a favorite section of the forum, I would have to say it is the Fanfic section. I love reading all of the great stories, the one-shots, the ongoing ones and even the drabbles. I’m amazed at the creative imaginations of the authors. The ability to send us into another world and make us feel all sorts of emotions for these characters are nothing short of amazing. There is a difference between reality and fanfiction. But tying them together gives a whole new level of originality which is something I highly enjoy.

To the amazing members, the ones that kept things interesting for me over the years. You guys cure my boredom with your funny topics, your emotional posts, your engrossing fanfics and your affection for SNSD. Though a few have tested my patience, constantly reminding me of why I do this, in the end it’s because of Soshified that I continue to face whatever challenge that passes by.

Thank you for being Soshified.

– Holly

Happy 3rd Birthday, Soshified!

I would like to sincerely thank both members and staff of Soshified for allowing me to become part of such a wonderful community.

I joined this forum two years ago and until now it is the only forum that I am active in. This place makes me happy, however creepy that might sound. I know when I log on Soshified there’ll be plenty of SNSD awesomeness and wonderful SONEs from all over the world loving, supporting and going crazy over the same 9 girls that I adore.

In early 2010, I was very fortunate to be able to join Soshified’s moderating team. I was quite nervous in the beginning, wondering how I even made it and convinced I was going to screw up; but that was short-lived. Why? The people I’ve met, the staff, are some of the craziest, dorkiest, and most amazing people I have ever come across. They’re not just fellow staff anymore. They’re great friends. So thank you guys for everything. Thank you for the laughs (so many of them lol). Thank you for the spazzing time. Thank you for being there when things weren’t so good. Thank you for being the wonderful dorks that you all are. Thank you Soy, Admins, Tech Admins, Subbers, Media staff, Graphic & Motion Graphic Designers, fellow Mods, SMods, Project Leaders, Stylists, and DJs.
Let’s continue making this the greatest forum ever.

I would also like to say a huge Thank Yous to the awesome members of Soshified.
There may have been a few misunderstandings between staff and members but they are just that, misunderstandings. You are a very important part of this community. We really appreciate everything you have done to make this a better place. Posting, replying, reporting, starting a thread, commenting on fanfics, even asking us for help; these things are what make Soshified a great forum. We share things, we help each other, we appreciate what’s been shared by commenting.
Thank you so very much for making Soshified the fantastic place that it is today!


– Icarus

Happy 3rd anniversary, Soshified! Wow, I can’t believe it’s already been 3 years since I joined this forum. It’s kinda mind-blowing how much this site has grown over the past few years. I remember when we only had a few hundred users registered … and now we have 140,00+ users! What a long way we’ve come. Back then, who would have known that this little ol’ fan forum would become so big and even catch the attention of the media? So many achievements have been made that makes me so proud to be a part of this community. From seeing the girls continuously wear the stuff we send them and having them sign on, to getting mentioned in newspapers and helping make a difference in the world by holding charities. And because of this site, I have made great friends and fond memories. It’s really inspiring to see how people from all over the world can connect with each other and build friendships thanks to this forum and fandom. I have so much love for this forum and my fellow Sones, the awesome forum members that make Soshified what it is today. Thank you to all the Soshified members that continuously contribute and support this community and fandom! You guys are amazing. Without you, Soshified would not be what it is today. And a huge thank you to my fellow staff members for your endless hard work at keeping this site amazing! Subbers, administrators, media team, graphic designers, motion graphics team, mods, smods, stylists, djs, and of course our founder; thank you guys for everything that you do for this community and the girls. I am truly honored to be a part of such an amazing staff. And lastly, a thank you to the 9 wonderful girls that continue to touch our hearts and make us proud. Without them, we wouldn’t be here.

Happy birthday Soshified! Let’s continue to make it even bigger this year :)

– jingaling!

Happy 3rd Anniversary to Soshified!
It’s coming up on a year and a half of being here on Soshified for me, and in that time I’ve had the privilege of watching the community almost triple in size in that time. There might be many larger communities out there on the internet, but very few are as cohesive as ours; from Birthday and Anniversary projects to LA SMTown, it’s really quite amazing how we as a group can extend our bond beyond the virtual world and into reality.

Of course, none of our successes came gratis- it wouldn’t have been possible without the dedication of our staff- our subbers, stylists, streamers, project staff and DJs who engage and grow our community by bringing Soshi to the masses; our graphics team and techs who have designed this site, and keep it on its feet, and my fellow moderators who have worked tirelessly to keep the forums running smoothly.

Most of all, we’d like to thank you, our members for making this community a success. None of this would’ve been possible without your participation and support.

– Leddy

Happy 3rd Birthday, our dearest Soshified! The greatest international fanforum ever!

It is so great to see fans mature as the girls’ mature over the years. We have been with them every step of the way, from news articles to subbed releases to following every angle of topic discussion imaginable. The creativeness and dedication each of us adhere by in support of what we love and share never ceases to amaze me. The anniversary of the day since I joined Soshified is only 10 days difference. Though I wasn’t an active member at first, I felt that with every year my love for this site has never wavered, only increased. It’s a world away from the stresses of life and it brings me happiness whenever I visit. A portal that connects me to the most wonderful strangers, the funniest peers and of course the unending updates on SNSD. I had never been active with a forum for as long as I have with Soshified, which just goes to show how awesome it is to have kept me interested for that amount of time. I can’t imagine what else I’d be doing for last 3 years without this site and it’s members and staff.

I cannot express enough gratitude to the Soshified family. Our Founders, Admins, Techs, fellow SMods and Mods, Subbers, Media team, Designers, DJs, Stylists, Project crew. The blood, sweat and tears spent on pushing out subs, news, codes, projects, announcements, providing entertainment and gossip, it’s a long harsh road. There have been many bumps down that road but we pull through as always with our chins up and determined efforts. Thank you for dedicating your time and benevolence in turning Soshified into a success and you guys continue to do so without much regrets and complaints. Joining the team (it has only been one year ^^;) has got to be one of the highlights of my life. I am grateful for knowing some of the nicest and funniest people on Earth. Though some of us will probably never get the chance to meet in real life, I value you the same as I would a good friend. For those who I have already met, it was an absolute pleasure. The SM TOWN concert in LA was a defining moment of my life when I got the chance to fly to the US for the first time and finally see Girls’ Generation live on stage for the first time. There were a lot of firsts, and it was only made possible through Soshified. The planning was superb, the timing was perfect and it was because of the many people I knew from Soshified that had led me to the decision of attending such a large scale concert. For me to place so much trust on people I barely knew outside of the forum, it was undoubtedly the best decision of my life. Much love to all of you kind hardworking peeps.

I leave my best thanks to the members of Soshified. The strength that kept Soshified going. Without you, there will be nothing. No forum, no topics, no projects, no subs. It is for the sake of the community and its love for SNSD that we exist to bring the freshest updates and English subtitles to all of the fans around the world. Thank you Donors for the generosity you have shown to our magnificent site, every dollar is a gift and because I am a donor myself, I know you all feel that every dollar was worth it especially when you spot one of the girls’ wearing a Soshified gift. Our sincere thanks for all of the donations you have given to the projects every year and to the cost of running our servers. To every single member of the forum, my deepest thanks for your participation in every aspect of the forum. From keeping the discussions alive, to helping others when they need assistance, your creativity and contributions are much appreciated all around the forum. Members and staff may have had run-ins with each other from time to time, but we are all still here for the same purpose which is to give our fullest support to SNSD.

It has been a wondrous ride to see Soshified grow from record after record. From breaking the thousandth mark, to the ten thousandth mark and now over one hundred thousand members and we’re still growing strong. It would have been impossible if not for the love and support of the international fans all around the world that has given Soshified such a large and stable community. Your love for SNSD has made Soshified what it has become today, a place that is recognised by SNSD themselves. The fact that just 9 girls can bring together a whole generation is a blinding miracle. I am proud to be Soshified and I am proud to be a SONE.

Once again, happy birthday to us! Happy New Year to all! I wish for another year of more success and achievements. Let’s give 2011 our best and give SNSD our best so that they have the energy to continue their promotions globally. Hwaiting!

– pubsquash

Soshified!~ Happy happy birthday!

I can’t believe it’s only been three years… In such a short time, Soshified has achieved so much. I haven’t been around for the whole 3 years, but in just the one and a half years I’ve been a member, I have been able to see so much, meet so many people and make so many memories.
I have so many thanks for the members and the amazing Staff team… I have so much gratitude for all of you it’s unreal. I applied for the Mod position as a long shot, but when I got it I felt so proud; proud of being called part of an international team that has joined together so many people from all around the world. You guys are like my second family.

To the members, thank you for each and every one of you. I’ve made a lot of long term friends from you guys. Each and every one of you is so different and so unique. Your threads and posts and comments around the forum always make me smile. They give me this strength. It’s amazing to think that such a large community around the world has this amazingly strong relationship and we’re all as one. Even in hard times, your comments make me smile and help me find happiness. I’m always happy seeing all of you posting around the forum. I’m grateful for every last one of you guys. I know I don’t know you all, but the ones I do know have made such an impact on my life it’s unreal. It sounds silly but there’s really no words to describe it. You are the best fans ever. You make the pink ocean even brighter than I ever thought it could be. My one wish for 2011 is that I can get closer to more of you and together we can continue to work together to make Soshified even better [if that’s even possible!] Without you guys, Soshified really would not be where it is right now. So thankyou for your support!

And to the staff… The lovely, crazy, amazing staff team.. I know I don’t know many of you outside the Mod team but I am grateful for all of the unit teams – the ladio DJs, the Subbers, Admin, Founder, Graphic Designers, Project Leaders, Stylists~ you guys make Soshified look so pretty and without you, the amazing layouts and hot pink subs would not exist. Thankyou for your efforts. You all work so hard and without you guys, I wouldn’t have access to so many subbed videos, amazing ladio sessions, and information to steal our girls’ style ;) I love all of you guys.

And to my Mods and Super Mods! I have so many memories with all of you it’s unreal. When I first started, you Mods that were here already were so helpful and welcoming and supportive. We always keep in touch and I’ve had so many memories planning activities, whether it’s Team LobsterCookieBeard [teehee!], or activities regarding milky lobster. Backtracking through the spazz thread never fails to put a smile on my face. You guys are the best bunch of people I actually know. I hope that I keep knowing you for a long, long time to come! Let’s all work hard again in 2011, okay? *throws everyone gummy bears*

And of course, it wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the group that is the foundation of Soshified – Our So Nyuhs. Without these girls, I would not have been part of this amazing fandom and therefore gained the chance to meet all of you. They inspire me so much and show that anything is possible. Our projects for our girls have allowed them to recognise the true power of unity between us SONEs. I am so proud to be called a SONE.

Thankyou to everyone for loving and supporting Soshified. I know 2011 is going to be another great year for Soshified.

– Sesame


I think many of us can’t even believe its been three years since the start of this place. Its absolutely amazing to see how much SSF has grown.

My Soshified experience started December of 2009. Clicking from one video to another on youtube, I stumbled upon a SNSD video. I had already heard of this group, way back in the days when they were rumoring a large girl group under the name “super girls”. After they debuted, I was slightly interested and did follow them around up until probably their GG days. I wasn’t super interested but I would somewhat keep up with them or save pretty pictures of them on my computer. And then I hit a slump. I was out of the kpop loop for a good amount of time and instead took interest in YUI and japanese music. It probably wasn’t until late 2008 that I was full on back into kpop. In December, I don’t even remember which video caught my eye but I do remember which of our lovely nine girls did. It was YURI and from that day on, she forever became my bias. She was the first one that caught my eyes in ITNW and now again (and this was probably because I had already forgotten all the other girls names and she was the easiest to point out with her long luscious black hair). At first I couldn’t even believe that was her, she has grown into a mature and gorgeous young lady. Looking further, I was also just as amazed to see how mature the group has become, no longer singing their “teenage kpop songs” but showing off their more feminine side. Their singing and dancing has improved so much more and I immediately fell in love with them. Thats when I knew I had to find out more about them, and youtube was just not good enough. So I joined SSF, and am I glad I did. I finally put a face to all their names, singing along to their songs, and before I knew it, I was buying SNSD goodies, downloading subbed videos from the awesome subbers and now even becoming part of the team.

Even though I was only able to witness the growth of SSF for a year, but it sure has changed a lot. I still remember when everyone was freaking out SSF was down and everyone was mass tweeting and going paranoid for the lack of SSF in their lives. I was one of the crazy ones, dying for SSF to open. The new layout was gorgeous and the new features really took it up a notch. I also want to thank SSF, for making a thread where local SONEs can easily communicate with each other and have their own little meet-ups. Thank you SSF for making my life a lot easier when I want to know all I need to know about SNSD. 2010 has been a huge year for SSF. SSF is not even a forum anymore. It is being recognized by the media when SSF has huge meet-ups like SMTOWN and the more recent ones. We already know kpop fans are crazy, but we have taken international fans to a whole new level.

I was want to say a huge thank you to all the staff for making it happen. Without our lovely founder SOY, SSF would have never even existed. Without the mods and admins, SSF would be so unorganized with anons and trolls and antis and bots everywhere. Without our graphic designers and techs, SSF would be laggy and plain looking. Without the subbing team, most of SSF members would not be able to enjoy videos and translated goodies. Without the DJs, what would we listen to when we’ve already replayed all our SNSD’s songs a billion times? Without any of the staff, SSF would have never happened. I’m still fairly new on the team and still trying to find time to get to know each one of you and I’m still learning a lot from this place. Although I don’t know each and every one of you guys or have talked to you at all, I really appreciate all the time, dedication and hardwork you guys put into this forum. You guys made it happen. For real.

So here’s to another great year of SSF and many more to come. May SSF continue to grow not only in numbers, but also in opportunities, sponsorships, global networks, and international recognition.

Soshified, have a good one (:

– stephapee

Happy Birthday Soshified!
Happy Birthday SNSD’s largest international forum!
Happy Birthday/ Anniversary to us!

Its been almost 3 years since I joined Soshified and I remember that time when I always looked forward everyday to log in to Soshified and spazz with my fellow Sones and now look at where we are right now. ^^

To the Soshified Team (From the Founder, Admins, Soshi Uploaders, Donators, Gfx Team, Soshified Police to the MODSSSSS) : You guys are simply THE BEST team that I have ever worked with. I don’t know many of you all that well but thank you so much, I found a bunch of nice friends. :) Thanks Soy for giving me the opportunity to work in Soshified. ^^ I’ll always be grateful for that ^^
To the members : We are SOSHIFIED. Without you guys, Soshified wouldn’t be what it is now. Thank you.
To Soshified : Jeongmal. Neomo Neomo Kamsahamnida Soshified for making my life as a SNSD fan much better. I think I wont be here in the fandom for so long without you + SNSD. It feels so great to be a part of Soshified family.

Stay Awesome.

– unknowntoyou

☆- – –Radio DJs

Happy 3rd Birthday Soshified!

I don’t know how to start this thank you note actually. I joined Soshified way back on the first day it was opened to the public which was in Feb 2008, thus my member number is quite a small digit compared to number of members registered on this great forum. I remember I didn’t care much about the forum because I thought “Well, it’s probably just another fanforum out there.” But in the summer of 2008, I started to call this place “home.” I check this site almost everyday and spend numerous hours either on Soshified directly or just merely talking to the amazing Soshified members that I’ve met.

Mind you, I wasn’t always a staff. I was just a regular ordinary donator who came to Soshified merely for subbed videos and maybe even writing a few fanfics here and there. Then I became friends with a few members and began to talk to them constantly on Skype and trust me when I tell you, the people I met on Soshified are some of the most amazing people I’ve met in my life. I first time I hung out with a large scale amount of Soshified member was Hollywood Bowl Korean Music Festival 2009 and at that time, I considered it to be the best times of my life, to hang out with Soshified members in person. Then of course there were little Texas meet ups, and even more big meet ups like SMTown in LA 2010, and the official fanmeeting in Jan 2011. The people I have befriended with on Soshified are just the most awesome people ever! And I’m really glad Soshified allowed me to meet these amazing people.

Aside from Soshified members that I’ve met on the social side, many members have illustrated so much hard work for this forum. I know many who would wake up super early or sleep extremely late so they could help out with whatever they were helping with for this forum. And even on vacation/trips did I see Soshified members work on their subbing work for international sones to watch. Some even took days off from work just to help organize Soshified events. I am just inspired by these members that work so hard.

Lastly, I would like to dedicate a paragraph for my DJ family. To those that are fairly new to our family like Lisa, Cesca, and Glen, I welcome you although I’m sure you already feel comfortable in your positions now. I would also like to thank all of you for your hard work to entertain the members of Soshified. Although I may be quite a busy person and don’t quite get to interact with you guys as much as I’d like to, the times that we’ve spent talking to each other and even hanging out with each other were absolutely fun. I love you guyssssssssss.

Sorry that my thank you note is such a jumble mess. I have never been good at writing. I always get Cs and Bs on my essays in school so…yeah. But all in all,

Thank you Soshified, and Happy 3rd Birthday.

– a-flirt


First and foremost, I want to thank all the amazing members of Soshified. Yes, that means all of you epic staff-ers and non staff-ers!~ :3

As I mentioned before, I haven’t been a member for a year yet, however I’ve truly fallen in love with this community. Never in my life have I been part of a fandom that I sincerely love and enjoy as much as this one. Although I only began visiting SSF for the translated videos, I stuck around for the incredible people (of course, the videos, photos, news and other epic soshi goodies helped =P). Before becoming a DJ, I loved posting in various threads and finding out all there was to know about the girls. After becoming a DJ, I became further immersed in this amazing community. I can honestly say, without a shadow of a doubt, that my favorite part of SSF is getting to talk to and interact with my fellow SONEs during radio shows. I never knew I’d get such a kick out of hearing everyone’s stories and opinions on SNSD and various other topics. I’ve made so many amazing friends on SSF who I truly can’t imagine my life without. ^___^ To all my SSF buddies: MOVE NEXT DOOR TO ME NAO, JUSEYO!~ I HAZ COOKIES AND TAENGOO. KTNXBAI! XD

Now, I enjoy so many of SSF’s fun threads, however, I’d have to say that my absolute favorite would have to be… *drumroll* the Taegang Spazz Thread. I know. It’s quite shocking. XD I love checking the thread every single day and seeing all the new Taeng goodies. Pictures, gifs, translated articles, videos, new singles — you name it — it’s in there!! However, I must admit that I’m a bit of a lurker in the Taeng Spazz Thread. I rarely ever post anymore. =/ I’m hoping to remedy this in the near future. ^_^ I can’t miss out on spazzing with my fellow Taegangers!!! ^o^

2010 has been such an incredible year for me on SSF, and although I’ve thoroughly enjoyed much of my experience here, I’d have to say that my absolute favorite SSF moment was going to LA for the SMTown 2010 concert. Getting to share that experience with my fellow friends/SONEs was nothing short of extraordinary and I loved every single moment. I had the opportunity to see SNSD in concert AND make lasting friendships with SONEs from all over the world. Can you say epic??? :D From meeting my fellow DJs, having epic times at the LA meetup and shouting crazy fanchants at the concert itself, I can’t help but smile every time I reminisce about this experience. **SIDENOTE: Taeng is uber H O T in person. Just saying.

So, to EVERYONE on SSF – thanks a million for an incredible year. I’ll cherish every memory. Here’s to another year and more epic memories to come! :D


– DorkCesca

TO SOSHIFIED~ Happy 3rd Birthday!

Time and tide waits for no man.. how true it is! As time passes so quickly, it has already been one year since Soshified celebrated the 2nd aniversary, the great memories we had and wow, many events had occurred since then and we have all gone through alot together as one fanbase for our beloved SNSD. I would love to thank all the staff and members who have, until today, managed to do a great job at propelling Soshified to great heights never before imagined. To our beloved staff, i would love to thank you all in pooling hours and hours of hard work into the site giving fans an opportunity to experience something that no other fansite would be able to achieve – diversity and integrity. Soshified’s core is based around a team of hardworking staff who will rocket into the many years to come. To our dear members, you guys play such a great part in influencing the direction of the site, what to do, or where we might be heading. If the staff members are seeds sown into the land, you all are the many raindrops that nourishes us, with all the great support, the long hours and hard efforts are all worth it. Only together would we be able to grow as a team, and as a family; We need each other to grow, from seeds, so that one day we might be a big tall strong tree not wavering to any difficult task that stands in our way.

I remember the day i joined soshified, it was on the Christmas of 2009, back then, i was relatively new to SNSD and was curious about what soshified had to offer. As i slowly browsed through the site, forum by forum i was astounded at the length and great details of discussions that fellow SONEs had posted up in each member’s exclusive forum. I had the pleasure of looking through beautiful photos, interesting polls and funny discussions posted up in each of the individual forums. I really felt that this one the only site i needed for all my SNSD needs, and this feeling has never left me since the Christmas i joined Soshified. I have had great experiences having fun with everybody on soshified. All of our members are one of a kind, easy-going and friendly, always willing to lend the helping hand to those in need. From all of the experiences on the shoutbox i have met many new people and weaved new friendships that are bound to last.

The most memorable moment of 2010 for me was during SNSD’s third anniversary where all around the world, SONEs took photos with the Forever 9 heart logo and their country’s landmark, My heart never fails to be touched everytime i see the great dedication, and i always would remember Soshified for organizing such a grand event. I am sure even our 9 girl’s would be proud. I also remember the Charity for wells, in which our loving members gave from the heart and managed to raise such a large some of money for the less fortunate people. My heart goes out to them and i truly thank the great community Soshified has in order to make things happen, changing lives for the better.

There has never been a greater experience than here at Soshified. It has been a wonderful 2010 with many fond memories we will cheish and remember, but we are now in the new year. So may God bless us as we link our hands, and venture into a new 2011 bound to be filled with great success as one fanbase, together as SONES and One Family.

– glenglen

Happy 3rd Birthday Soshified~

Still so young~ Let’s take these 3 years and multiply it yeah? We can only go up and forward from here, so let’s go go sing okay?! 같이가요! =)

Though I can’t say I have been for all 3 years, I can say that it has been a pleasure for the time I have been here and a part of one the best ( in my honest opinion ) communities around. Where everyone can talk to each other with just a simple hello to even calling each other family ( DJ FAMILY 사랑해요 ). Though it can be at times frustrating, it’s good to know that none of us are alone when it comes to the girls’ support and being their fans through this site. We help each other, we build on each other and I honestly think it’s a great memory to have, with everyone. This site has this ability to just bring us ( those who don’t really have a physical place to gather ) together and share so many things, to interests, pictures, music, friendship and overall unwavering support for nine girls, one cause.

I’m glad I can be part of this site’s team and I’m thankful for all the friends that I have met through here and those who have actually come around to Korea. It has become almost a habit to see some of you visit and it’s a treat to have you guys as company and drive you around. It’s amazing to be around the people who make this site what it is. I find it truly amazing that it takes just 9 certain girls to bring together Soshified. Without the girls the site still lives with their memory, but without the people…well it wouldn’t be much of site without them and I am very thankful for all of us to be able to come together and make memories with these 9 girls. From charities to birthdays and even just plain silly gifts to make people smile. It’s all worth it.

To be honest, this is always just the beginning, we have so much more to tell and to share with everyone, that this is just a stepping stone up for this site and for this team. Though we all don’t know each other, I hope that can be changed and we can all be able to talk to each other and get to know each other better this year. Get to know the people who we are forever thankful for to bring this site to what it has become and what it is going to become =)

All these threads that make up this amazing forum. And again in my honest opinion Soshified will never let a fan down when it comes to what you need to know about these girls ( at least what you should know hahaha ). Favourite thread wouldn’t be a single thread, I would say they were multiple threads. But they would be the Birthday Threads. It is always a treat to see all those wishes go towards our girls and though all of 9 of them might not be able to read their threads, it’s nice when you hear that they have at one point and it’s mind blowing that they acknowledge not just their thread but the site as well.

2010 has been a really interesting and busy year for me personally but some of the best experiences have involved Soshified. Seeing the girls’ first concert with Wenting and other Soshified members who flew in for their 1st Asia Tour Into The New World as well as for the 2010 Encore Concert, those moments will probably stick with me for a very long time. Sharing that moment with not just myself but with other people who share the same feelings and support towards the girls. It’s truly beautiful.

I will never forget standing in the crowd (all four times), pink light stick waving in the air while tears form in the girls’ eyes as they look out to all the people crying along with them. Because it was their moment as much as it was ours as fans. Complete.

Thank you Soshified, for making some of the most memorable moments in my life and for introducing me to some of the coolest and funniest people I will ever meet~

영원히 너와 꿈꾸고 싶다~!
친구들이! 사랑해요! ^^V

– jellygateun

Happy Birthday Soshified!

It’s been a great 3 years, and although I haven’t been a member for that long, I do cherish all the years that I’ve been on staff. It’s been great working with the DJ team and getting to know everyone else. I’ve made lasting friendships through this site and it’s been great spazzing about the girls! I can’t get enough of them. Having this site is truly a blessing and of course, it wouldn’t be possible without all the amazing members and staff that work hard everyday to keep it going!

First wanted to thank the DJ team. It’s been quite a journey. I remember my interview with Soy, my first test trial, my first Bora show ever, tuning into the radio for the first time, Drace, and even my first time talking on the sbox. I’ve seen DJs come and go, but no matter what, I really cherish getting to know everyone. You guys are so cooperative and awesome to work with, and I couldn’t have a better team than you guys! I hope you all continue to stay awesomesauce and work hard to make up for my laziness! Just kidding. But, I really do love you guys!–Chellie, Jennie, Cesca, Lisa, Tim, Wenting, and Glen! DJ love! There are some days when I just want to give up and decolor myself, but I can’t help but stay because this site is so amazing and working with all of you have been the best! I know I’m busy a lot (aka – all the time), but I want you to know that if I did have as much time as I did in high school, i would be on air all the time!! Thank you members and LISTENERS for supporting us! It really means a lot. Hwaiting DJ team!! Periwinkle ftw!

Also want to thank all the other staff members that put so much effort into this site and the members that log on. You are all talented in your own ways and it amazes me! From sending me free albums and soshi socks to offering me help with editing mp3’s or artwork, you guys are so loving and kind. Ed, thanks so much for helping out with the DJ team and putting up with my lame PMs. You’re awesome! It’s been a pleasure getting to know all of you. Soy, you are one busy lady, but I look up to you. You may think that you don’t put a lot of effort into some things, but I honestly don’t know a harder worker than you!! Thanks so much for everything and being the best forum founder ever!

Thank you Soshified for bringing us all together. FOREVER 9!

– jgrace

☆- – –Graphics Designers

Happy 3rd Birthday, Soshified!

Looking at what Soshified have achieved so far, no one would actually believe it’s only the 3rd year since Soshified was formed, and i got to say it’s the great amount of efforts and time put behind by each and every single staff right from the start till now. Just like how our girls did so well in 2010, Soshified were there with the girls and made some really great achievements as well. Without a team of dedicated staffs and members who participated, none of all these would have ever happen. Whenever everyone says we can’t do it, we prove them wrong time and time after again, making the impossible possible. That’s the spirit that Soshified has, and I truly adore it.

Soshified has become a “to-visit-site” every day. I get deprived when i don’t visit it, and it feels weird, and i guess the other staff would feel the same way too. Soshified along with Girls’ Generation have become an addiction to us! My fav. thread? I could go on listing forever, because there are so many awesome threads in here. To be honest I can’t really pick any threads in particular, because without any of these threads, Soshified wouldn’t be what she is now.

I joined Soshified early of 2008, and was always surprised at the projects each and every single time, how enthusiastic the staffs were in making the project successful! I was again very amazed by each Soshified layout made every single time, the beautiful graphics that awed me so much and how Soshified layouts have always set standards for all other intl forums. This made me wish i could be part of the team someday. It was my greatest honor and pleasure that i was able to join the Graphics team back at late 2009, and worked with many wonderful and outstanding graphic designers to make Soshified a better place. I was exposed to many different challenges and i sure did benefited from it! But what was more exciting is that I was making graphics of my fav. girl group, Girls’ Generation, nothing beats that from making me motivated! It was really nice meeting so much wonderful people, thank you Soshified and other awesome staffs out there that i’ve never talk to before.

Thank you to all the staff who make Soshified such a wonderful place!

Once again, Happy Birthday Soshified

With love,

– hyoism.

Happy Birthday Soshified!!!

This time, I think it’s the best time that we say thank you to our dear members :’)
Thank you!!!

I’m really happy that we had constant meet ups nowadays. We can meet and know each other personally and bond. This time,
not only in the cyber world but in real life. It’s an amazing experience really and I’m grateful for the people behind these meet-ups and of course to the attendees too (like me) :’)

Also, thanks to the members who keep posting and sharing their fan accounts,informative news about the girls, fan taken pics and fancams/fanvids :’).

For the donors, thank you very much. Without you guys projects and charities would not have been possible/successful :’).

It’s been 2 years since I joined SSF and I know that we are all going to be together for a long time and I’m thankful about it :’). It’s such an honor to be a part of the staff (a group of wonderful and professional people around the world) and I want to thank my seniors for hiring and trusting me to do works in here. I’ve made lots of new friends over a year and I really improved towards arts [s]and english lol!.[/s] Sometimes it’s a bit stressful and frustrating creating designs but seeing other people’s hard work towards this site keeps me going :’)

I enjoyed all the moments that I experienced here and I know you guys do too, so lets keep supporting the girls in any way and happy birthday to us!

– roovette12

☆- – –Subbers

3 years and continuing to grow stronger, but how can it not be since it’s the place for everything SNSD!
During these 3 years, SoShi Subs has released 486 projects ranging from small news clips to the long “You Are My Destiny”, to the Soshi Bible, “MNet Girls Go to School”!
Normally, you are providing your thanks to us subbers, but I personally want to thank each and every one of the 145,000+ members here on Soshified!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Thank you for supporting our Girls’ Generation!
Thank you for supporting Soshified!
Thank you for making Soshified what it was yesterday, what it is today, and what it will be from here on out!

Please continue to encourage us by providing comments and responses to each of the released projects!
And again! Thank you for all your patience and continuing support as we continue to release!! You guys are the best!

Happy 3rd Birthday, Soshified! Continue to grow and prosper through the amajjang dedicated members all around the globe! It is truly a blessing to be part of such a grand international community!

Lee (agentjjlee)

I originally wasn’t going to post on here, but I think I should. After all, this is such a big part of my life. Soshified is… well how do you describe it? It’s whatever we want it to be and I think that staff and members have all made it into a pretty amazing site. I’m really shy when it comes to all this forum stuff. Heck, this is the first time I’ve ever joined a forum. But all the people here are so welcoming and have open arms for anyone who joins. Even when I first joined, I was such a lurker and I never posted. Then soshisubs came along and well, let’s say I’ve never met such a diverse group of people before… well ever! I haven’t been on staff for very long so I don’t really have much to say… but lets see where my blabs go :)
Thank you to all the staff members who helped me get to where I am today and a huge thanks to all the members who watch our work. People perform and enjoy it because there’s an audience to view it, and I don’t think ssf subs is any different. We’d probably lose much motivation if we didn’t have all the views and comments that we do. I don’t really have a favorite thread because I love everything on Soshified and I don’t feel like picking one over the other :) My favorite moment would probably be the most recent present from SNSD, that thank you note! It’s so cute and it’s so nice that the girls acknowledge us despite how busy they are.
No matter if we are a staff member or not, we’re all here for one reason and that is to be insanely crazy about these 9 beautiful girls who we’ve seen slowly turn into women who can achieve anything. It’s touching to be in the presence of such a variety of people who all have 1 thing in common. We’re 145000 members and counting.
Happy 3rd birthday to soshified and I hope that I can stick around for the ride to see where this will all lead to and hope you will too. Happy 3rd birthday soshified, you really are the most pimpin’ 3 year old I know B)


It’s been 3 years since SSF? It feels weird to say something since I’ve only been with SSF for like 1.5 years at most, and wasn’t here at the beginning. I don’t have any comparisons to use or past references but I know it’s amazing either way.

Thank you to all the fans and members of SSF, and the hardwork of volunteers, and generosity of donors who make it possible to keep Soshified going. It’s the fans and members that keep the forum and not the staff. Soshified is a world-class fan site because of your passion and love. In all honesty everyone on staff is replaceable, skills needed to create and run a site can be found anywhere, but love and passion is intangible! But fans drive sites by visiting and showing their support, members are more powerful and important than people realize, Soshified would never be what it is without great folks and Sones. So thank you!

Also, the numerous members who keep the ‘spazz’ thread of each of the girls going; posting pictures, news, gifs, clips and fan accounts all contribute to the better enrichment of the fan experience at Soshified. I was pretty noob, and still quite noob into the world of kpop and the girls but SSF changed all that very quickly. It’s an excellent tool to have for fans.

I like to thank the staff, current and those who came before me for working on SSF. My fellow subbers, made some great friends and learned a lot. Thanks Alex for teaching me from being a mediocre encoder to an all-star. A special thanks to subbers is needed because it was the sub videos that lead me to Soshified in the first place and I’m glad to be on the staff to give back to the kpop fan community after taking so much. Thanks.
I like to thank those fanfiction writers for taking a leap and posting your work and for the endless hours of me reading them instead of doing homework or studying. So many kind of thanks. It’s silly but I like to thank all the subyung shippers out there who keep that thread going and showing the love for Sunny and Hyomin, it’s my favorite thread, and Sunny’s section is my favorite followed by fics and videos.

Congrats on making it to 3 years Soshified. I hope I’m around and will be able to help give back to the fans many more years to come!
I hope more people come to discover the greatness of SSF and join this awesome establishment.
Happy Birthday Third Birthday!


Soshified. The standard by which all fan forums now measure themselves against. There have been ups and downs over the years with many people passing through these virtual halls. But through it all, it is still here standing because of the continued passion we all have for these 9 girls and our desire to spread the love all over the world. Big or small, each and every little bit from every member and staff contributes to make soshified what it is, a gathering place like no other with people from all walks of life, a haven for saying all the things you couldn’t say anywhere else, a means for giving back to the girls just a little bit of what they’ve given us and a lightning rod for the movement that is known as girls generation.

While I joined the subbing team a while back, I am always first and foremost a SONE. I came to love and appreciate soshi as if they were my own friends through the many subs that were released and for that I will forever be grateful. Things may not always be released as fast as it should be due to many different circumstances, but we will continue plugging away at it until our eyes pop out, our ears go deaf and our fingers go numb. It is only through the support and dedication of everyone that we can continue to grow old together with these girls as they show us their evolution from girls to legends. :D


It’s amazing to see how much Soshified has grown since I first joined. I joined the bandwagon at the end of 2008 and boy am I really glad I did. Soshified is the first and basically only fan forum I am or have ever been active in. These past two years have been memorable. Working with the staff, meeting members, spazzing about the girls, and subbing; I really enjoyed the time I’ve spent with Soshified and it’s family. This site is truly extraordinary. I’m proud to be part of the Soshified family and can’t wait to see what else we can achieve as a whole. Thank you to all the members who continue to support the girls and Soshified! Your contribution is a big part of why Soshified is as awesome as it is. Please keep up the support and become involved around the site! Thank you to all the staff members for making Soshified such an awesome site to be a part of! It takes a lot of dedication and time in order to maintain the quality expected but everyone does a great job! Soshified staff jjang!! Soshified jjang!! =D

Happy 3rd Birthday Soshified!!!!!

Let’s make Soshified an even more epic site from 2011 and on!!! =D


3 years, what an important milestone. 3 years isn’t a short period, by any means. For a fan website, it’s ludicrous that such a site has managed to last for so long, while gaining members. But Soshified has done the impossible, many many times. It is not just staff that made the site what it is now. The members play a huge role in this too.

I wasn’t there right from the inception of Soshified, in fact, I joined Soshified quite late. It has been only 18 months since I joined Soshified, but these 18 months took my love for SNSD to a whole new level. I can confidently say that without Soshified, I would not be this into the fandom. I would like to thank every single one of the members on Soshified for these awesome 18 months for me, and 3 years for Soshified. The members made the forum what it is today.

Every one of you has helped Soshified in one way or another. Be it donating, or posting images, or even spazz-ing. All of these things make Soshified what it is. I have not been a part of the staff for long, but from what I have seen, the staff really put in a lot of effort. Thank you to every single member of the team as well. SoShi Subbers, Tech Admin, Administrators, Media, Graphic Designers, Motion Graphics, Moderators, Stylists, Radio DJs, Super Moderators and members of the other teams which I might have failed to recall, THANK YOU.

With the amount of effort and love that each members puts into Soshified, I am certain that Soshified will last for a long, long time indeed. Thank you members once again for supporting Soshified, and helping to form Soshified.

Happy Anniversary Soshified!
지금은 소시파이드, 앞으로도 소시파이드, 영원히 소시파이드.


Three years of Soshified. So many smiles, so many times to be glad for. I haven’t been on SSF for very long, and am quite new in the staff, but there’s never been a moment that I haven’t been glad for the community here.

This forum wouldn’t be what it is, if it wasn’t for the constant love and support that everyone has for the girls. Donors, spazzers, uploaders, sharers, sbox stalwarts, imagespammers… your passion and ardent desire to spread Soshi love really does make me appreciate being part of the fandom. All I do is just bring something I already have to the table, just a knowledge of a language that I didn’t work hard to obtain; all you members who contribute to threads and share with the rest of us are the true heroes of the site, the life force of our community.

I can’t forget to thank the staff. One never truly appreciate just how much effort and hard work that they do. Even if they remain quiet, there are so many people in the staff who make such an effort to keep this site ticking and special projects going. I can’t not mention the subbers, for taking me into the family and giving me a chance to give back to the community in a more meaningful way. I must thank you all for helping bringing so many people into SNSD; so many of us wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for pink subs telling us what a certain group of nine silly girls were saying.

I also need to thank the kpopbros; you guys are a small, Anonymous group of members when on SSF, who actively promoting kpop love, are loyal to SNSD and uphold SSF honor by forbidding linksharing and regarding the 50 posts as a rite of passage. You’re all trolls, but I know you’ve all got hearts of gold so I love you just the same ^^


Three years of SSF. 지금은 소녀시대
Whether you joined on day one, or are the latest to join, we’re all held together by the same cause. I feel that we, SONE, are all part of history; never before has there been something quite like SNSD. 앞으로도 소녀시대
And guess what? We will be here as long as SNSD are here. How long will they be here? How long will SONE be united under a pink banner?
영원히 소녀시대. 영원히. Forever.

Happy birthday, Soshified.


Has it been 3 years already? Why does it seem longer than that? I remember when we spazzed when we reached 25,000 members haha. Look at us now. I would like to thank everyone on SSF for letting me be part of this great team. Being staff and especially a subber has given me an experience that I could have never imagined when SNSD debuted. Even more so because I am still a subber today, after 2 years of becoming one. When I first came on SSF (around August 2008) I felt awkward because it was my first time on a fan-forum – I actually felt rather embarrassed. However, when I started connecting with people on sbox, it became my new community of friends from all around the world – I loved it and love it even still. Looking back on it now, I would never had guessed that SSF would grow to be this big and recently recognized by SM. Even more so, I never imagined that I would get to meet fellow SONEs. We may all live and come from different places of the world but this is where we can all be together at once – along with skype haha. But the thread, well I guess it’s more of a project that I loved was when we gave every girl a gift in one big box. I loved those random gifts that we sent them. Although I know that we can’t do them anymore due various reasons, it is a good memory that I have and I feel that we should never forget. And of course, the best 2010 SSF moment for me was SMTOWN. I was finally able to meet everyone! It was so hard for me to remember what people looked like and attach their name and SSF U/N to it but I got it. Wow this is turning out long. Anyway, Happy Birthday SSF! 생일 축하합니다! I hope we’re able to spread SSF and especially SNSD even more around the world in 2011 and years to come! ^^영원히 소녀시대!


Being able to work a staff with such amazing work ethics and patience is a blessing and a privilege. Where else can you find people you have never met and be able to work in an environment where you eventually feel as though you have known since forever? Thank you Soshified. I’m thank you for the team whom I consider to be my wonderful cyber family. Y’all are great and fun! The pain and joy that we have endured in the end will always be treasured as beautiful memories. May we continue to have such blessings as we embark on this adventure. Motivations may have run slightly dry, but I know our hearts and love are still strong as ever for our girls and for our Soshified family. I believe we can make it happen. Like an old couple, let’s spark up this marriage! Love.

Of course, where would Soshified be without its wonderful members! Thank y’all for being patience and so kind. Your love and support for our family helps us continue to do what we do. We would not be here without you. I know it is a cliche but it is the truth. The comments that you leave for our videos/threads/posts encourage us. Plus, it is nice knowing that someone else feels the same way as I do when watching the girls. It tells me that I’m not losing that many screws in my brain.

Happy Birthday Soshified. May you grow old and strong as me. Muahahaha. *Stuffs in cyber carrots!*

Mama Rirry

P.S. Favorite 2010 Moment:
Subbing related: HMF is out of my life.
General: Pretty much every time Isak unnie gave us a visit and a shoutout!


Yay, we’re three years old now !
At first, even I have to admit, I was not a very active member. I lurked through some photo threads, read fanfics here and there, but didn’t really post many comments at all. So I’m truly thankful to all SSF members who continuously support SNSD as well as this awesome site to make it what it is today. Many people are aware of the amazing things that we do and that’s all because of the countless donations everyone pitches in, not to mention just logging in everyday and spreading the word. I’m really happy that I’m a part of this online community where I can also spazz with fellow JeTi surfers, sing along with dedicated fans, and contribute in translating videos ranging from two minutes to over thirty minutes.

I can’t leave out the rest of the staff who sacrifice their time and effort into trying different things to improve SSF so that it is easier for people to navigate. And subbers- thank you so much for doing your part in getting work done even though it is quite tedious at times. There were times when I didn’t want to translate anything anymore, but in all seriousness I enjoy doing my job and helping out as much as I can. Let’s continue to work hard so that everyone can laugh when SNSD laughs, cry when SNSD cries, and unite SONEs from all around the world.


First off I’d just want to say a huge Thank You to the members that make this site what it is today. You guys are amazing fans who just manage to spazz about everything SNSD releases, and you never waver in your support. Soshified is pretty much the place where everyone who’s a SNSD fan goes to. I’m normally a lurker, but Soshified has always been my first resource when it comes to getting pictures, videos and subbed videos because of the great fan support by all of you. If not for the enthusiasm and helpfulness of fellow soshified members, I might not even have had stuck with this particular fandom. Just to be random, here’s my favourite thread in all of soshified….. just kidding, it’s actually this thread. :)

So it’s not just the staff, it’s definitely the members who make the experience here really soshified.

Thank you for being the ones on the shoutbox to welcome new members, thank you for posting in the forums and being active, thank you for donating, thank you for spazzing over SNSD, and thank you for thanking us.

I’d also like to give kudos to fellow staff members.
I’m new to this team so I’ve always been in awe of the staff; from mods who take care of all the forums and keep them spam-free, graphic designers who create all our new themes and banners, subbers who help the rest of the fandom better understand our girls, project leaders who brainstorm so hard for projects that the girls appreciate so much, stylists who identify what the girls wear and keep us up-to-date on their fashion, to tech admins who keep this site running in tip-top condition, and everyone else who contributes to the running of this amazing website. I’m glad to have gotten a chance to work with all of you and I hope get to know you all better as time goes by.

Cheers to better years to come!
Happy 3rd Birthday, Soshified!


Wow, soshified already 3 years old now! Soshified and was like the reason why i’m addicted to 9 amazing girls…
Thanks to all the awesome staffs and members, they’ve made soshified into what soshified is now, recognize by the girls, recognize by the media, recognize by the fans all over the world. It’s been an amazing 2 and half years since i joined soshified on july 2008, and become part of the subber team around june 2009..
I love all the threads in ssf, my most fave probably [s]fanfic[/s], news section and translated goodies, i think i’ll mention all the threads XD
Thank you so much to all the staffs and members for the amazing time, let’s have another amazing year with ssf!!
Happy Bday Soshified!!!!


Wow has it really been 3 years since Soshified opened. I remember like it was yesterday when it opened, now we have grown into this huge community. I’d like to say thank you to all the members past and present who have contributed so much over the years, without you actively making topics and posting we wouldn’t be this big today. It’s just amazing how much insight members have about SNSD, whether it would be a picture of their favorite member or a performance at an event. You guys really make this place amazing so keep it up!

To all my fellow staff members who spent countless hours and sleepless nights making Soshified great, I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. Without your passion and desire to work behind the scenes to keep going at it I’m not sure where we’d be. I know at times it can get frustrating and you feel like giving up, but we always seem to make that extra effort cause of Soshified and SNSD. It has been a real honor working with all of you.

Let’s make Soshified better then ever in 2011. As SNSD grows together so do we~
Happy 3rd Birthday Soshified!!!

Young Buck

☆- – –Project leaders


First, I just wanted say thank you to all the members of Soshified I know I only joined in May of 2010 and became staff only recently but from my short time here I have noticed what a truly great community this is. I have not only seen how much love there are for our girls but also how much love the members of this community show towards those in need. I noticed this with the first charity thread i saw when i first joined. That was the Charity Water Thread. I was truly touched by the number of people who donated to the cause. Too me it was more of the outpour of support rather then the amount each person donated. That has truly touched me and I carry that memory with me and apply it to all aspects of my life. So i truly want to thank the members here for helping make Soshified not just a place for our girls but also a place where we can spread our love to those who need it the most.

Now we come to the other half of this wonderful community. That would the all the staff who help make Soshified run. Without these teams in the background, Soshified wouldn’t be what is is today (of course member/staff interaction is the crucial ingredient). I have only been part of the Project Leaders team for only a few days now and i see just how hard the staff here work. Planning, organizing, updating, etc is not an easy task. I marvel at the dedication of the staff here and they inspire me to do my best and grow. So i want to say from the bottom of my heart that i am truly grateful for all the work you do for Soshified. Please continue your hard work and lets make 2011 another memorable year and to all the members here at Soshified, don’t forget to show your thanks to the staff for their hard work. Even a little thank you can go a long way.

As we had an epic SM Town Meet-Up, I had a chance to meet some members of the staff and got to meet fellow members. Although there were lots of people and every station was busy, i could feel the bond between us that this wonderful community has provided us. Lets continue to support each other and our girls and move towards a bigger and brighter future.

Thanks to all the members and staff who have made my time here amazing and have given me memories i will cherish for the rest of my life!

– Andrew Chi

Happy 3rd Birthday Soshified!~

Another year has flown by in the blink of an eye! It feels like it was just yesterday when we were all crazily searching the forum for clues and hints for the scavenger hunt during the 2nd anniversary. 2010 has been a crazy year hasn’t it? But of course, the long journey of 3 years is just amazing!

I still remember the day when I first came prodding around Soshified looking for some Soshi goods. It was back during the Gee craze ^^ I came on to the forum totally lost like a noob, not knowing where to go or what to do. I scrolled down (or was it up? I don’t even quite remember~) to find a shoutbox full of welcoming strangers who greeted a newcomer with warmth and open arms. Who knew that these strangers would turn out to be the best of friends that I have right now?! My newfound friends kindly pointed me in the right direction and I embarked on my journey as a SONE.

From staying up late all night to talk to my Skype fam, to going to the Wilshire to pick up my Soshi support goods for KMF, to attending KMF to see SNSD for the first time, to volunteering at the SM Town LA meet-up, to seeing SM Town live in front of my very own eyes, to witnessing our girls achieve the impossible from a small computer screen, to the current 2011, it has been an incredible journey. I wouldn’t have experienced this kind of phenomenon without the members of Soshified. As much as I say I love the girls, I love fellow SONEs even more, for creating and maintaining such an incredible community; because without SONEs, I would not have been able to see how wonderful our girls really are. The community of Soshified exhibits the unification of hundreds, thousands, and even ten thousands of people all across the globe – something that I have never seen before and this is all thanks to the members and staff of Soshified. I believe, that if it was not for that very first moment that I had stepped my foot into the shoutbox, that I would not have been a SNSD fan like I am today. So I am thankful to all the members of Soshified, for creating such a wonderful experience for me as a SONE and Soshified member.

Now what’s my favorite thread on Soshified? It would have to be the California thread of course! Repping SoCal yeah!~ I’ve met so many more great people because of the California thread and all the little meet-ups we have :) It’s how we’ve gotten so much closer! ^_~ HAHA I hope that it wasn’t only me that enjoyed those little gatherings D:

All in all, thank you to everyone, for opening up a new chapter in my life and showing me a whole new world ^^ I wish Soshified and SNSD a magnificent 2011 and all the years to come!

– d1ana


I haven’t been a member for long (I joined May 2010) and a staff for even less. However, for the short time I’ve been here, I can say with confidence and pride that the staff and members here at Soshified are without equal. When I first joined, I spent a good deal of time lurking before posting anything. I was surprised at the happy vibes emanating from everybody. I was and still am extremely impressed at the zeal and passion that goes into all of the projects Soshified has spearheaded. Staff and members alike continue to exceed my expectations.

There are quite a few milestones for me, all in 2010 for obvious reasons. The one that stands out the most for me would have to be SMTown LA. The concert was amazing. It was also my very first KPop concert. What stood out for me the most was actually our very own Soshified Meet Up. The planning staff hammered out the details in 6 weeks (with how many all-nighters again?) but for all of our paranoia, it turned out to be a resounding success. I wasn’t able to meet all the people I wanted to meet but for those that I was able to, you’re all awesome. Hanging out with SONEs from all around the world (Mexico, Australia to name a few) was the highlight of the entire weekend. One giant family united under SNSD. To say I was happy would be the biggest understatement of the year. ^___^

To all of my fellow staff members, thank you for all your tireless efforts in making Soshified not only the biggest international SNSD fansite out there but, in my opinion, the best one. The passion and the enthusiasm you show are beyond anything I’ve seen for ANY fansite. The countless hours you awesome people spend working behind the scenes are well worth it. Don’t ever let anybody tell you otherwise. I’m honored to work alongside with all of you. However, you’re not just staff to me anymore. For those that I have had the good fortune of meeting, you have become like family. I wouldn’t hesitate to fly across the country (or an ocean) to see you. For some of you, I’ve already driven 7+ hours to meet up with you. See how awesome you are? Dorks, comedians, natural entertainers and great singers are only the tip of the iceberg about this amazing group of people. You all know who you are. You truly bring a smile to my face that stretches from ear to ear. I hope I’ll be given the opportunity to meet many more of you as time goes by.

Last but not least, a huge thank you goes to the members. The staff may make Soshified beautiful and functional but without your continued support and feedback, this island on the internet that boasts over 145 000 members would not be what it is today. You are what motivates the staff to work harder than ever to bring you all things Soshi. Without your contributions and your generosity, many of our projects would never have been possible. Did you know that over the span of 2 years, Soshified has raised over $18 000 for charities and projects? This is all thanks to you. For those who feel as if they didn’t contribute, please don’t think that way. Monetary contributions are only a small aspect of being a member. All your topics, posts, fanfics and everything else mean a great deal to members and staff alike. The fact that you spend so much time on Soshified is a testament to how great you all are.

2010 was a great year. There’s absolutely no doubt about that. 2011 already started off with a bang. Soy herself was there to witness one small part of the awesomeness that SNSD will bring this year. 2011 is going to be even more amazing!

Once again, a great big thank you to members and staff alike. Soshified simply wouldn’t be Soshified without you all. Stay safe and stay awesome but most important of all, stay Soshified!

Love always,

– Jerzideva

Congratulations, Soshified, you’re 3 years and growing!

I would like to say a big thank you to all Soshified SONEs for continuing to make this the best community we can be. I am thankful we really have something special going on here that makes this forum more than just an online space. Soshified spans across so many platforms from web to mobile to twitter, from LA to Seoul, and much much more. It’s been fun watching streams together, listening to SSF radio, getting spazzy tweets, and meeting all the cool SONEs from SMTown LA meet-up, LA Fanmeet, SoCal meet-up. I can even fondly say I had a blast rocking the SSF SMTown pink t-shirt and wristband when I was at the ITNW concert in Taiwan. Soshified makes the SNSD experience OH! that much richer. ^^

I truly can’t say thank you enough, so I’ll look forward to next year when I can look back at all the wonderful memories and say again to you all, “Thank you, Soshified!”

– Shiney

☆- – –Media

It’s the 3rd anniversary for SSF~ Time really flies, it only seemed like yesterday when I started to be active on SSF. Even though I get attacked with assignments every other day, I still visit SSF whenever I have the time. Looking at the girls’ pictures gave me more energy to continue my work. I would like to thank every members…for being a SSF member. Every single one of you are a part of SSF, SSF wouldn’t be complete without you guys(and gals).

To the staffs, thank you everyone, for your hard work to help SSF become a better place for everyone to be at. Be it subbers, moderators, uploaders, graphic designers, stylists, thank you for dedicating your time and thank you for your hard work throughout the years. Let’s work harder together and make a better SSF for everyone.

Lastly, Happy 3rd Birthday Soshified. May we have a 4th, 5th…9th birthday together.

– Cwk

Its Soshified’s 3rd Anniversary Woooo! I can’t believe its been three years already. I would like to thank all the staff for their awesome work and constant commitment to the fansite. Without them, the forum would not run. Next, I would like to thank the members that keep coming and using the forum. Thank you for helping Soshified grow into what it is today with your input and visits to the site. To the donors and volunteers, your philantrophy is what keeps Soshified afloat and gives us staff joy in doing what we do.

I have only been on Soshified for two years and a media staff for less than a few months. But my experience with Soshified since then has been astonishing. To meeting up with other SONEs in my area making new friends to enjoying the girls’ performances on the streams with others it has been great.

To those who post in the Other Talents section, Props to you guys. It is my favorite part of the forum because it shows how many of us are united by the girls’ music and how we can portray it in our daily lives. You guys post vids, collaborate with people from around the world, and share in music, which I personally could not live without.

Thank you Soshified for everything that you have given me and have given others. In these three years with the girls, there have been ups and downs but its at these times that we look back and see just how much the girls and Soshified have grown. I look forward to 2011 and Congrats on the 3rd Year!

– DivineWings

Happy Birthday Soshified! 3rd year and going strong!!

Joining Soshified during the Summer of 09′ has been a truly great one. I learned about SNSD through the “Tell Me Your Wish” promotions and this forum was linked to a youtube page. Thus, me becoming a SSF member. I met a lot of great friends through mostly shoutbox and somehow ending up as being an Uploader for the forum is truly a blessing. I like to thank all the regulars of shoutbox who I met, there’s too many of you to name but you guys all know who you are.

Also to Vin for hiring me to the staff, still surprised out of the batch of applicants I was the only one hired. Thank you so much Vin.

Through Soshified, I was able to go to Korean Music Festival for the first time (even though I lived in LA my whole life haha) and go to SM TOWN in LA. Thank you Linda, Dee, and Diana for always helping me getting tickets for those various concerts and events. I am glad to have such trustworthy people to handle all the chaos that it may have been for getting those tickets. I would also like to thank Vu for being one of the first people to talk to me on Shoutbox and to remember me, so I become apart of this wonderful family. Thank to also Julian, Cris dongseng, Nelson, and all the other SSF friends for being so nice. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Thanks to all staff! You guys make this site so efficient and great. I am sure most of you feel you don’t get credit for all the behind the scenes work you do, but you guys are the glue that holds this site together. I hope we can continue to help each other out and make this forum even better and better.

Soshified 화이팅!!!!

– eclipsegts1

Wow 3 years… that’s a really long time, isn’t it? HAPPY 3RD BIRTHDAY SOSHIFIED!!!! It’s amazing how a fansite can last this long, and I think this is possible because of you members keeping it active by sharing pictures and spazzing about our 9 angles everyday ^^ So.. THANKS everyone for spending your time with Soshified all these while. And also, I can’t leave out zzzzSbox people who keep SSF lively whenever there’s a streaming event or a radio section. Moreover, thanks you guys for helping new members answering their questions. I also used to be a noob on Soshified but thanks to sbox, I could get to know more people on SSF and felt closer to actually being a part of the fandom. Thanks to Erisedseo, hellflame (spam me more pics yo.. lol), Hyperionz for helping me during my earlier days ^^ I hope sbox will always be a helpful and friendly place for members to hang out and spazz about our girls ^^

And of course I can’t leave out the awesome staffs on Soshified. Thanks everyone for keeping this site running for the past 3 years. Be it subbers, streamers, uploaders, moderators, admins, project leaders, stylists, graphic designers, DJs, THANKS A LOT for your time and dedication. I hope I can continue to work with you guys for many more years to come.. haha ^^

By the way, just a little “shoutout” to DJ Cesca for the awesome Taeng spazz on radio.. lol, to the awesome volunteers for SMTown + LA fanmeet, to NorCal people whom I had so much fun with during the flashmob (let’s meetup more often x]), and to the Fanchants Guide Team.. LOL .. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!! ^^


– hangthienbao

Happy 3rd birthday, Soshified!!!

Three precious years has passed and until now I’m very proud to be one of the first members to join Soshified when it was opened to public. Every time I reminisce those old times, I can’t believe we have grown up so fast and gone a long path along with the girls. On the occasion of this significant moment, I want to give a big Thank You to every single team and members who have contributed so far to build a current Soshified community who has been recognized by the girls themselves, attracted Korean media and Korean Sones and even SM Entertainment who created an unbelievable opportunity for all of U.S Sones to assemble and share their happy spazzing together in LA meetup.

More than that, I’m very grateful to Soshified for their constant and non-stop effort in making impressive projects in order to bring the girls and our members close together, especially for me that is, the unforgettable SM Town Concert in LA event. Thanks Soshified for providing awesome kit support, for organizing the meetup neatly and successfully and lastly for making a chance for us to show splendid pink sections in the girls’ performances. My only wish for many next years is Soshified will grow and become more beautifully and display more awesomeness in everything.

Wish you the best, Soshified!!!

– lyly_flower2000

I came in the family a bit late, but oh well.
It’s been 3 whole dang years…wow, time really flies when you’ve been having fun here!
Happy Birthday, dear Soshified!
It’s an honour to see your 3rd birthday and you are the coolest 3-year-old :P haha
It’s been a pleasure to experience everything here, pleasure to work with all the coolest staff ever
and also a pleasure to bum around ^_^
A lot has happened in those 3 years, lots of UPs and DOWNs, but it’s awesome how we keep it to be the best SoShi fansite!
I’m really grateful for all the times I’ve been here, a place where I can share anything with people all over the world (:
I hope and wish more success for the future and lotsa more fun moments with all the members of this society!

– Love and rainbow cakes, from the Mustachio :3

I can’t believe that it’s already been three years since Soshified first opened it’s doors. Time just seems to fly by when you’re around people that all enjoy and share the same interests as you. And for that, I would like to say “Thank you!” to everyone that has made Soshified the wonderful and awesome site it started out as and matured into.

I would like to thank all of the wonderful members that post photos of the girls, news about their latest feats, as well as all of the encouraging things you say about SNSD and Soshified. I feel really happy when members reply to the threads I create, and encourages me to continue what I do. And for that, I am thankful.

And to all of the staff at Soshified, I’m thankful to have gotten a chance to be a part of the team. First, I would like to thank the uploaders that have taught me everything I know, and sharing all of the hard to find videos with me. And to the subbing team, I’m extremely grateful for all of the hard work you have put into helping me to understand all of the quirks and random bits of information about our nine girls. I see all of the hard work each and everyone one of you puts out, and I’m very thankful for it. And to all of the other teams, I’m thankful that you keep the site running, and extremely easy on the eyes. :)

Keep it up everyone, and together, let’s help soshified continue to grow in ways we never dreamed possible; just like how we know SNSD will continue to grow and impress us each and every single day.

– myst

Happy 3rd Anniversary Soshified!!!

I’m not very good in expressing my words but I have to say Soshified is the best.
Can’t believe it’s already been 3 years now. Time flies. I remember when I first joined Soshified we had only 1,000 members or so, now we had more than 140,000 members and I believe we are still growing. I would like to say a big Thank You to all the staff and members who had made Soshified this huge. Without all your hard work and effort we won’t be Soshified today.

To all the members, with one single post or thread you post had made a difference to Soshified everyday.
To all current staff or staff that had left us, you guys did a great job in making Soshified this great. You guys spend lots of time in order to make Soshified keeps on going.
Of course we will feel great when we get good feedback from others. However, it doesn’t matter if we get some bad feedback at times, what matters are the bonds between the staff and members that grow stronger. We learned from mistakes and constantly making changes in order to make ourselves better.

I am able to learn lots of new stuff and meet lots of new friends from all around the world after joining Soshified. This is totally a great experience to me. I’m so thankful to everyone that had taught and helped me to know more about the girls. I’m happy that I’m able to spend my time sharing my interest with people that have the same interest everyday. If people were to ask me more about Girls’ Generation, I will say just register to Soshified and you will get what you need. I can’t say that I’m a very good Soshified member but I’m always proud to say that I’m part of Soshified.

We know there are more boundaries and difficulties we have to face in the future, but this doesn’t mean we have to stop doing this, I believe with the strong bonds we have and hard work we put in will make Soshified even better in the future.
Let’s work hard together along with Girls’ Generation and make miracles happen every single day. THANK YOU!!!

– Nichole

☆- – –Mgfx Designers

Ack! Hope you forgive an ahjusshi for not participating in many discussions. Or being friendly. :P Or talkative.

That said, I’d like to extend my gratitude and apologies to the subbers, the graphics team, the unsung members of the mgfx team, and the rest of the staff. Everyone’s work, when done diligently and sincerely, is much appreciated, even if I don’t get to express it much. And sorry I don’t get to make the time to get to know everyone as personally as I can. Am just shy that way.

So there. Thank you very much, Happy Birthday, and may the forum continue to thrive. :)

– Finkl-boy

☆- – –Stylists

Happy Birthday Soshified!

I’m so proud of the site for making it to their 3rd birthday, for achieving so much in just 3 years, for connecting all of us SONEs together around the world and for letting me be apart of it all!

I want to thank every single person who has worked on the site to make it what it is today: Thank you all of those Computer-Tech guys who made the forum and keep it working to keep us international SONEs sane. Thank you to you amazing artists who make the forum so freaking pretty and the amazing graphics that’s done in videos and such, I’m always excited to see what you have in store for us with projects and all. Thank you PinkSubbers, from the translators to the editors and etc., I became an SNSD fan from the videos you subbed before I even became a member of SSF so big thanks! Thank you to all the mods who keep the peace in the forum, keep it clean and professional. Thank you Soshified DJs, love each and every one of your shows, you especially keep us sbox-ers entertained! Thank you to those who translate every single SNSD info we get, what would we non-Korean speaking SONEs do without you?! Thanks to my fellow Soshistylists who work so hard, I’ll be a better stylists here on out! Thanks to the donors for keeping the forum alive and for giving up a few cash for the many amazing projects! Thank you to everyone who I’m probably forgetting, excuse my c-low ways, but you know who you are and you know the work you have done for Soshified. Big thanks to Soy for everything Soshified/SNSD/SONE, you are definitely one of my heroes! Keep up the good work everyone!

Soshified has to be one of the best international kpop forums out there, if not, the best! Every little bit of SNSD information is on here from the news that’s translated for us, to the most recent pictures, we even having live streaming. But the best part is how this site truly brings Soshi fans together. I don’t know what else to say that I haven’t already said before, Soshified is amazing. I freaking love Soshified! I remember the first time coming here in 2008; I went crazy lurking around in the forums, getting to know the members one by one in their individual sections, watching as much videos as I can, etc. It’s still like that today, whenever I can, I try to spend as much time going around everywhere hoping to learn something new about the girls lol the whole site is my favorite part of Soshified.

2010 was definitely a year for Soshified SONEs: the fan meets that were going on seemed like so much fun, especially the SMTown meetup where Soshifyers all over the world got to meet each other face to face, I truly regret not being able to go. Also the 3rd Anniversary project was a huge success, amazing how much fans SNSD had internationally. I hope that in 2011, we will have another oppurtunity to be together as one again and have just one big fun of support and love for our 9 favorite girls!

Of course, I have to thank SNSD for being SNSD, Soshified would not have been made at all without these girls!

With that said, I love each&every one of you Soshifyers, let’s make 2011 not only Girls’ Generation but Soshified’s as well. Happy 3rd Birthday! Global Generation Jjang!

– C-lowicious

Happy Happy Third Birthday Soshified!

Thank you so much to all the members of Soshified for building such a strong community and making Soshified grow into what it is today! Without you guys Soshified wouldn’t be as awesome as it is! Much appreciation all of you for your friendliness, time and knowlege for being so helpful to others when there are questions being asked, for giving out sources when people are in need of finding something, commenting on the threads in Soshified and lastly for being our motivation to work harder and become an ever amazing forum that still has so much room for growth. To all the Staff although I may not know everyone Thank you all so much for your time and for being so hard-working to have such an organized and uber interesting site for fans to go to. All the crazy stuff we do for this site… in the end we all remember that we are doing it for the girls it is all getting payed off in one way or another so I’m very thankful for that .

I’m really thankful for having such an amazing site such as Soshified where I can openly fangirl over SNSD and feel welcomed without being judged just because I am a girl :)

Soshified has really gone a long way when it comes to supporting the girls. I joined when Soshified had been doing the Chunji Care Package back in 2008 and was really awe struck when Sungmin and Sunny actually changed during a song break, into the Hoodies given by Soshified. After joining I just had a feeling of good vibes coming from members of Soshified both in the forums and in the shoutbox and definitely stuck to Soshified even to the point of having it as my homepage xD.

It’s really hard to decide on what my favourite thread or post in Soshified is cause there are just too many great ones! But I would have to say I have a huge bias towards the Fanfic section, Soshi around the world section and Soshified Support section, because in these areas it shows our connections to other Sones no matter where they are from. Soshified support section are one of my faves also because it’s just absolutely lovely to see the amazingness that is Girl’s Generation show their love by using products/clothes that Soshified deliver to them.

Lastly my most favourite Soshified moment of 2010 has definitely got to be spending my SMTown LA experience with Sones of Soshified! It was the first concert that I have ever gone to and it was a really thrilling experience to sit with other people from Soshified and just flaunt and wave that pink lightstick in the air while screaming my lungs out!

Thank you all for sharing and creating amazing memories together these past few years! Let’s create even more exciting memories in the upcoming years ^_^

Much love,

– ghizuu