The nation’s best girl group Girls’ Generation will campaign as a water filter model for Woongjin Coway.

A living + eco home appliance company Woongjin Coway(CEO Hong Joon Ki) confirmed on 27th that they signed a contract with Girls’ Generation to be their exclusive model until the end of the year.

As the consumer group expanded from 40~50s to 20~30s, as well as housewives to single men and women, the company explains their choosing Girls’ Generation to give the impression of ‘a young company’ as well as showing their status as the nation’s number 1 water filter company.

Lee Woo Tae, a director of Woongjin Coway’s marketing headquarter said that “Girls’ Generation, along with the classy image as the nation’s best girl group, has friendly image as well,” explaining that “they suit very well with the image of the new product that has concepts that people have never seen before.”

Woongjin Coway launched a new product last month that has two extracting filters with different height that allows for people to fill up large water bottles or pots, up to 1L at once. As there are many more new products to be launched, Woongjin Coway is planning on making different commercials for different products corresponding to each of 9 member’s unique characteristics.

[Kang Da Young]


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