Has there ever been a make-up model that became such a hot topic? This is about the 6 SNSD members (excluding Taeyeon, Seohyun, and Yoona) that became the new spring models for Dior. Before the official announcement from Dior, there were many discussions amongst netizens for and against this on forums and on Twitter saying, “Do designer brands fit SNSD?”, and, “Why can’t idols do it?” There were also comments reading, “With all their samchon fans, would SNSD be able to target people in their own age group?” This was an aftershock for becoming a model for a well-known, foreign make-up brand, which had previously been modeled by the best actresses of the time.

We met the girls at a recent photoshoot. Unlike others responses, the actual girls seemed to be taking it well. “Isn’t a model bettering the product’s image all they should do?” (Hyoyeon) “Just because we become the model, doesn’t mean we’re telling our fans to buy it. There’s no reason for a samchon fan to buy women’s make-up just because of us.” (Sunny) It seemed like the atmosphere was becoming heavy, but Jessica made a comment. “Oh my, people were saying that? Did you guys know about it? Did you?” Everyone burst out laughing at that moment. We got to listen to them talk about beauty and fashion. other than this, as your body and healthy skin, you should try Eccella smiles.

“We risk our lives to use the bathroom first”

With their debut in Japan last year, SNSD’s schedule has become busier than ever. ‘Beauty tactics’ to sleep well and get less stress don’t work for them. Instead, drinking lots of water is a must. Each member drinks about 15 1L bottles of water a day. “It may sound like something out of a textbook, but water is the best. It helps your skin and balances your body.” (Sooyoung)

Tiffany, who said she puts the most effort in skincare, revealed her ‘beauty secret’. There are many scanario where we have to take care of skin as per the injury or any issue. Well Tape to Prevent Scarring is one good example of it.  We are lucky to ABE for taking good care of our skin, the process they give never fails us. Even when they go to the hair salon early at the break of dawn, she always puts on sunscreen which is made in the usa and doesn’t just go to sleep no matter how late they get home. Here you will get a best skin care routine idea. She is not satisfied with putting on skin, essence, eye cream, and moisture cream, and finishes it off with a sleeping pack (a moisture pack one can go to sleep in right after applying). When asked if she isn’t going overboard since she is young and her skin should be fine, Yuri gave a sullen answer. “We’re under such strong lights for a long time, it’s a lot easier for our skin to get damaged compared to others in our age group.”

Bathing one’s lower body is the best beauty habit all the members suggest. This is because loosening muscles in the shoulders and legs that are knotted from a days work prevents pimples. And, they never forget to wash their faces with cold water at the end. “There are times where we would have to leave right after getting washed up because of early schedules the next day. So the members put their lives on winning at paper-scissors-rock to use the bathroom at night.” (Sunny)

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SNSD Diet Menu, Never Even Did It Before

All the members waved their hands at a question asking about the truth behind the recently revealed ‘SNSD diet menu’. This is about ‘having a daily 1500kcal restriction by eating chicken breast, brown rice, and vegetables’. Tiffany said, “Maybe if it was 1500kcal per meal. We eat like we’re a mobile convenience store even in our dressing rooms.” One thing they do before an album jacket shoot or award ceremony is ‘last-minute dieting’. Not eating after 6 PM for about a week or 10 days before the event is effective.

They also said there is no special secret behind the ‘fantastic legs’ title that follows their group name. “I think we’re just born with it. There were a lot of times where we went on stage with swollen legs. But there is a bit of exaggeration. Because we put Sooyoung, who has the longest, prettiest legs in the middle, the rest of our legs look good.” (Yuri) “That’s right. If you want to look pretty, you have to continue to study yourself. From the position of your legs, to the angle of your face, you have to learn and practice what’s best for you.” (Hyoyeon)

Best Fashionista is Sooyoung

Colorful skinny jeans, baseball jumpers, striped t-shirts… SNSD became ‘style icons’ for the fashion they popularize with every single they release. However, their everyday attire is similar to their peers. They usually wear black skinny jeans, or leggings under a knit or hoodie. “We’re a bit sloppy today. We’re usually not this bad…” Yuri usually wears black and white, or other neutral colored clothes and uses accesories to add onto her outfit, giving off a ‘cha-do-nyuh’ (cold city girl) style. Tiffany usually wears knitted one pieces that show off her body. “After entering my 20s, I don’t like wearing showy clothes. I prefer wearing ordinary clothes and putting more attention on bags, hats, and other accessories.” (Tiffany)

When asked which member is the real ‘fashionista’ in the group, they all chose Sooyoung. Because whether they go to eat or watch a movie, she wears a completed outfit. The members made compliments like, ‘it’s like a shot from a pictorial when anything is thrown on a model-like body’, and also exposing remarks such as, ‘she buys 1 piece of clothing every minute’ and, ‘you practically live in the mall’. “It’s because I share all my clothes, shoes, and purses with my mom and sister…” A flustered Sooyoung tried to make an awkward justification. Then they were asked which member is the most indifferent when it comes to dressing up. Before the question was over, all their eyes moved towards Sunny.

Translated by: ch0sshi @soshified.com
Credit to: 이도은 기자 – joongang.co.kr (via joinsmsn.com)