SNSD fans brought about warmth through a meaningful, good deed.

On the 15th, the person in charge of SNSD’s fan cafe revealed, “We collected 107 blood donation certificates from various cafe members, and donated them to the Korea Leukemia Patient Group under SNSD member Sooyoung’s name.”

This was planned by representative SNSD fan cafe ‘Hwa Soo Eun Hwa’, and had members from the fan cafe ‘Cistus’ participate.

One member that participated in this blood drive, Kim, stated, “I’m glad to have been able to do a meaningful deed last year, as well as this year. I hope the donations are of some help.”

SNSD fans collected blood donation certificates last year as well. Fans have also been active in other types of donations and volunteer work.

Translated by: ch0sshi
Credit to: 최준용 기자 –
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