Girl group SNSD is continuing to hold records in Japan.

According to the Japan Record Association, SNSD’s DVD ‘New Beginning of Girls’ Generation’ is under the ‘gold’ list.

A record is deemed gold when it sells over 100,000 copies. This DVD record was released with SNSD’s debut in Japan back in August, becoming gold in 6 months.

After their debut, they were able to gain 4 consecutive gold disks. Starting off with their debut Japanese single ‘Genie’, ‘Gee’, and the licensed version of ‘Hoot’ all sold over 100,000 copies, earning them the gold title.

Their single ‘Genie’, which was released on September 8th last year, recorded the greatest sales for a foreign female artist in Japan. This is also the first instance for a Korean girl group to rank as gold.

Following the release of their Japanese version of ‘Run Devil Run’, SNSD is planning on returning to activities in the said country with their third Japanese single.


Translated by: ch0sshi
Credit to: 박영웅 기자 –
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