Yes, I’m trying to seduce you. And you know it’s working.
Time has flown by in this new year, and now we are already at February 10th. To many, this means worrying about Valentine’s Day, but to SONEs, this day is special, because we are at the first birthday of the year for one of our lovely girls.

Choi Sooyoung, born February 10, 1990, is turning 21 (22 in Korea). Though the third youngest of the nine girls, it can be somewhat difficult to see this when looking at her.

Upon first impression, most people notice one thing: her height. She stands at 170cm, about 5’7”, and towers over most of the other girls. She definitely uses this to her advantage quite often, threatening and picking on some of the shorter girls when she gets insulted, such as in Intimate Note. Just by walking towards Sunny is enough to make her cower and retreat.

Given her height, her amazingly long legs add a touch of class to her overseeing dominance. Her legs have helped with her physical prowess in competitions against the other girls, and they look good while doing so. In fact, Sooyoung’s legs were chosen as one of the best in Korean girl groups, receiving compliments from plastic surgeons and dermatologists as well as Goo Hara (in a Star Golden Bell episode).

Just like in her legs, fat does not permeate at all throughout Sooyoung’s body. She has stated herself that no matter how much she eats, she can never gain weight (except in her cheeks, though that just makes her endearing).

However, it’s good that Sooyoung is able to maintain her slim body, especially since she’s the Shikshin. She is always hungry for more food, even sneaking out at night by herself or with her manager to eat. It seems that food is the way to her heart, as it automatically makes her very happy.


Besides being tough, elegant, and hungry for more, both literally and figuratively, there is much more to this girl. She is a storehouse of talents, being not only one of the more spotlighted dancers, but also a linguist. Debuting before all of the other girls in Japan, she certainly has some overseas experience and unique characteristics to add to Girls’ Generation. She manages to balance career with college life, all while maintaining that signature kkab sense of humor we all know and adore.

This is just another facet of her rather pragmatic personality. It can be seen that she does accept that the fact that being an idol will not last forever and she would want achieve to everything she can while young for an even better future. It would not be a stretch to use the Korean term “choshim” to describe Sooyoung’s mentality, meaning that she does not lose sight of what is important in the long run.

Underneath her tough posterior, however, lies a caring and soft soul. She comes off straightforward and blunt on occasion, even intimidating at times, but has shown herself to be one of the more vulnerable members. She cries when she’s sad, when she feels relief, or when she feels emotional in general. She cries during speeches and award ceremonies, and it has been said by the other girls that she sheds tears very easily. She is one of the quieter members when not in public. Even Hyoyeon mentioned that Sooyoung was the most obedient among the girls.

In the rare glimpses we have had into Sooyoung’s private life, she has shown this caring and considerate side quite often. Her love for her family and members is obvious, but her love for others is perspicuous as well. She has shown her closeness to friends, such as in her interview with Kim Jaedong. She visits those who are less fortunate, including Park Seungil. She even said that her Oh! number, 24, was chosen to represent how she wishes she could be with her fans 24/7. Perhaps it is a mere reminder of the personality, represented in her unwavering faith in God and belief in religion, that she also never fails to pray for her fans, members, and family.

Sooyoung with Kim Jaedong.

Sooyoung with Park Seungil.

Tall, beautiful, smart, driven, loving, and hilarious are only part of what describes Sooyoung. Her clever sense of humor or weird aegyo instantly lights up any conversation. Her deep passion for singing and dancing inspires hundreds of thousands of SONEs worldwide. Her true colors always come through and never fail to delight and uplift spirits even in difficult times. So on this February 10th, SONEs are thankful for having Sooyoung in their lives, and give her best wishes on a happy birthday.

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