Photo manipulations of SNSD members’ faces on the characters from the SBS drama ‘Secret Garden’, becoming ‘Soshi Garden’, has become popular.

A netizen by the nickname of ‘Light’ took each of the nine SNSD members they thought fit the characters from the drama and manipulated the photos to create ‘Soshi Garden’.

The netizen also added a cute warning at the end of the drawing by saying, “I made this for fun so please take it as a joke and enjoy. If you talk badly about Soshi or myself, I will hit you, hit you. And Soshi, I’m sorry.”

The characters in ‘Soshi Garden’ consist of Taeyeon and Jessica as the main characters of Kim Joowon and Gil Raim, respectively renamed Taeng Joowon and Sic Raim. Yuri was transformed into Yulska, while Yoona became Yoong Seul, and Sunny as Ssyun. Tiffany became Director Myoung (Myong Jongsoo), Sooyoung secretary Syoung, and Hyoyeon became Hyo Ahyoung. Seohyun’s transformation earned the most laughs from fans as she was tranformed into the role of Moon Boonhong to become Hyun Boonhong.

Translated by: ch0sshi
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