SNSD Seohyun, A Genius Lyricist?
[Newsen Park Jung Hyun reporter]

Seohyun’s on-the-spot lyric writing showed a surprising degree of perfection

On December 25th, MBC’s WGM showed Seohyun (SNSD) and Jung Yonghwa (CNBlue) meeting together to write a song.
Since the chorus is almost complete, Seohyun started to write her own lyrics from her heart.

Jung Yonghwa encouraged Seohyun by saying “Just write down your thoughts.” Even though it was an awkward moment, Seohyun started to write her own lyrics.

She wrote (line by line translation)
Just saying thank you
Just saying hello
I’m still too young

Truly I thank you
Thank you very much
That’s all I can say

Everything is new to me
So truthfully, I’m a bit nervous
How should I say it
I’m a bit awkward
So I hesitate again today

Seohyun’s lyrics surprised Jung Yonghwa as he judged Seohyun to be a “Lyrical Genius”.
A mission was given to YongSeo couple and the mission objective was to make a song and put it up on the Internet.

**NOTE: the lyrics translation is not perfect. If you do have a better translation, please message me**

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