The nine-member group SNSD achieved amazing album sales in both Korea and Japan this year. In the Korean music industry, they have become the first group in two years to sell over 300,000 albums in a year and, in the Japanese pop music market, they have brought in over 12 billion won (~$10.43 million USD) worth of revenue in album sales.

Hanteo is a Korean album sales research site and, on the 20th, their Singer Awards Chart stated that SNSD had sold over 300,000 (301,138) albums from the 1st of January until the 19th of this month.

Thus, in the Korean industry, SNSD has become the first group in two years to sell over 300,000 albums in a year. In 2008, DBSK sold over 300,000 albums thanks to the release of their fourth official album ‘Spell – Mirotic’. However, last year, no artist sold over 300,000 albums.

Hanteo’s Singer Awards Chart is not focused on the sales of one of an artist’s albums in particular, but, rather, it tallies up total album sales during the past year of all of an artist’s albums. SNSD has released a total of 31 albums since their debut in the summer of 2007 and the combined number of albums sold this past year exceeded 300,000.

SNSD’s second official album ‘Oh!’ was released this January and has sold over 123,500 copies, their third mini-album ‘Hoot’, which was released in October, has sold over 93,400 copies, their repackaged second official album, which was released in March, has sold over 56,900 copies. Also, their second mini-album ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ and their first mini-album ‘Gee’, both of which were released last year, have each sold over 5,500 copies this past year.

SNSD’s good album sales have continued in Japan as well.

SNSD debuted in Japan this past September with ‘Genie’ and their second single ‘Gee’. These, together with a DVD and their six Korean albums, resulted in nine albums bringing in over 12 billion won’s worth of revenue in album sales.

On the 20th, Japan’s Sankei Sports reported that, “Kara and SNSD, who have led the K-pop girl group craze this year, were ranked first and second for albums sales by new artists on ‘Oricon’s 43rd Annual Rankings, 2010’.” They stated that SNSD’s combined revenue from albums sales was 880 million yen (12.1 billion won).

SNSD, who have received lots of attention in the music and advertisement industry this year, have also been strong in album sales in both Japan and Korea. This is why people are curious about what their future holds for them.

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Reporter: Gil Hyesung
Translator: [email protected]