A video containing SNSD member Taeyeon’s MR removed song has been garnering attention.

On various online communities, Taeyeon’s latest single from the SBS ‘Athena: Goddess of War’ OST, ‘I Love You’, sung live has been capturing the attention of netizens.

Taeyeon’s MR removed version of ‘I Love You’ allowed fans to hear her hitting the exact keys and beats with her clear voice. Fans were overflowing with compliments, saying, “I got goosebumps,” and, “I think it’s rare finding a singer in a group that sings so well.”

Meanwhile, SNSD took home the trophy on KBS 2TV ‘Music Bank’ Year End Special.

Translated by: ch0sshi @soshified.com
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MR Removed = Music Recorded Removed (ie. the music has been stripped out so that the vocals can be heard by itself)

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