SNSD’s Jessica Confesses, “It’s not really in my nature to clean”

SNSD’s Jessica revealed her princess-like life.

On an episode of KBS 2TV’s “Night Star” which aired on the 5th, guest stars SNSD chose Hyoyeon as the one who takes most initiative to clean the dormitory. Yoona revealed how Hyoyeon is like every day by saying she steps up to clean their place and do the dishes. Yoona said, “If the dishes are piling up, the members just leave them and wait for our dorm nanny to come wash them all for us, but Hyoyeon always steps up to do it.”

The members also said that when Hyoyeon isn’t there, Taeyeon and Yoona usually volunteer to clean their dorm. When the MC said they wanted to know in which order they stand for cleaning the most, Sunny said, “Let’s reveal the last place first. I think this is an easy one,” and choose Jessica.

Upon this, Jessica said, “It’s not really in my nature to clean,” boldly confessing and making everybody laugh. At Jessica’s honest reply, Yoon Jongshin asked, “Is Jessica usually the princess type?” to which Sooyoung answered, “When she’s really hungry, she’ll heat up some ham on the frying pan, but she almost fries it by pouring so much oil.”

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Jessica tried to redeem herself by saying, “I can make fried rice,” but the members continued by saying, “she doesn’t know how to control portions so even if we eat until our stomachs burst, there’s still leftovers,” and, “all she does is fry it.” But they ended nicely by saying, “even if she can’t make it well, she still makes it for us once every 2 years so it’s a big deal.”

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On another note, on this episode of Night Star, the SNSD members recorded a storybook reading, showing off their great acting skills.


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