Group SNSD, SHINee, f(x) 2011 calendars are being released.

Starting from the 22nd, SNSD, SHINee, f(x) participated in star calendars and from the 23rd to the 5th of next month, GMarket auction holdings are being held.

Especially, this calendar member’s personal and group pictures and various new pictures are expected to cause an explosive reaction from fans.

In the calendars, members’ birthdays and star’s anniversary year are noted as special memories can be recorded.

In addition, applications for smartphone users also will be featured for the calendar.

The SNSD calendar concept of ‘Candid Girls with Me’ without decorations, SNSD figures are shown as natural and friendly.

The SM official in charge of making the calendars said “The dimensions different are from a regular calendar, and the pictorial calendar can be put up highly as a special thing. Already fans, through word of mouth, are spreading the news of the calendars quickly. Before it is even up for reservation sale, inquiries are exploding.”

Meanwhile, there are 2 types of star calendar, desk or wall. The price is 15000 won ($13), shipping starting from December 10.

A person who buys calendar during its sale, a lottery will be drawn in which a calendar directly signed by the stars will be presented (for about 90 people). For ever star calendar bought, through first served basis, mini calendar (3000 people) and pictorial postcards (60000 people) will be delivered. The winners will be announced December 13.

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