[Sports Today Choi Joonyong Reporter] SNSD members, who conquered the first place on the public television’s music programs three weeks in a row, wished for a quick recovery for Tiffany, who got a knee injury.

SNSD appeared on afternoon of 21st at SBS ‘Popular Song (aka Ingi Gayo)’, which was held on live and received the Mutizen Song with their 3rd mini album’s title song ‘Hoot’.

Prior to this, SNSD has also received 1st place on the 19th KBS2 Music Bank, which leads to conquering 1st place on all the public television’s music programs for three weeks in a row.

On this day, SNSD has stated “Thank you to our company’s staffs who always work hard for us, and to our fans who give us endless loves.” as their thoughts.

Continuing on, SNSD stated “I wish Tiffany, who couldn’t participate with us on the stage can recover from her injury soon as possible to participate with us again.” “(Tif)Fany! We got a first place once again! I hope you recover soon!”, wishing for her fast recovery.

Meanwhile, Tiffany was injured while performing ‘Hoot’ at the stage that was held on the 14th. After getting a complete medical examination from the hospital, she was diagnosed of posterior cruciate ligament injury on her left knee joint so she has to be in a cast for about four weeks.

Tiffany will temporarily pause from participating on the promotion until her health condition gets fully recovered, and SNSD will be promoting only with 8 members for now.

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