Large entertainment company SM Entertainment (AKA: SM)’s results from July-September 2010 has improved favorably.

On the 15th, SM announced that their sales during July-September were 207,400,000,000 won (~18,325,358 USD), Operating profit was 4.58 billion won (~4 million USD) and net profit was 2.75 billion won (~2.4 million USD). Compared to the previous year, the sales increased 26.04%, the operating profit increased 92.65% and the net profit increased 11.59%. SM sent their singers SNSD to do full-scale promotions in Japan during July-September, and the results are amazing.

The totals for SM this year so far are: Sales – 68,232,000,000 won (~ 60,392,961 USD), Operating Profits – 23,187,000,000 won (~20.5 million USD), Net Profits – 20,387,000,000 won (~18,044,778 USD). These numbers are a lot larger than 2009 [Total Sales – 61,788,000,000 won (~54.7 million USD), Operating Profit – 9,266,000,000 won (~8,201,447 USD), Net Profits – 4,471,000,000 won (~3,957,335 USD)].

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