SNSD was shocked and cried because of their group name?

On the 11th, broadcast SBS TV ‘Night TV Entertainment’ ‘Right now is SNSD’ corner showed SNSD.

On the 25th, they placed 1st place Oricon Chart, in which Taeyeon said “Even though we knew we could do it, we did not know it was going to happen in such a short time,” while expressing happiness over their Japanese debut.

SNSD Tiffany revealed the story behind their group name, saying “Before our debut and our name was made, we were called “Women Team” shortened “Brigade Team (Yeodan Team).”

“When our group name was SNSD we were shocked”, they confessed saying, “The shocking name almost made us cry.” Sooyoung confessed “I cried.”

Sunny said “Back then, a Korean group name wasn’t unusual. We had expected a cool English name.” They wanted names like Eternity or Muse

Especially SNSD said while laughing, “We’re not even in a rustic period, the name ‘Generation’ made our limbs dissolve. The employee who created the name has left the company.”

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