Running Man Hilarious From SNSD Yuri’s Roaring and Tears

SNSD’s Yuri was thoroughly fooled by a hidden camera on “Running Man”.

On October 31st, SBS’s “Good Sunday Running Man” featured Yoo Jaesuk, Ji Sukjin, Song Joongki, Song Jihyo, Kim Jong kook, and Haha, with SNSD’s Yuri as a guest. They took on various games in a shopping mall in Yongsan.

The first challenge of the night was “1vs8, Fool Yuri”. During this game where 10 quiz questions must be solved in 100 seconds, the cast deliberately did not guess guest star Yuri’s questions. The cast of Running Man were only able to earn running balls if they were able to fool Yuri and fail the quiz all 3 rounds.

In order to trick Yuri, the members memorized the answers to the question before hand, and correctly answered answers to hard questions. Some of the answers to these questions were “Coiled far-infrared radiating heater”, “LED-functioning pest control lamp”, “Ocho Atras”, and “Kamarinskaya”. However, they pretended like they couldn’t guess the answers to Yuri’s questions, like “a set of ceramic pots”, “Rumba”, making Yuri so frustrated and worried.

Whenever it was Yuri’s turn, the time would run out for all 3 rounds. Yuri was so frustrated that she screamed “WAA” and even cried a little bit. The members of Running Man didn’t know what to do when she cried so they yelled, “it’s okay!”, but they couldn’t help laughing when they received their running balls. When Yuri finally found out that it was all a hidden camera, she made everybody laugh by saying, “It was so weird because you were guessing things I’ve never even heard of in my life. And I was so surprised because Haha and Gary were so smart.”



Source: Review Star
Translation: [email protected]