The nation’s girl group, SNSD, is about to launch into promotions of their second single, ‘Gee’, and there’s a lot of anticipation and interest for it.

On the 8th of September, SNSD released their first Japanese debut single, ‘Genie’. SNSD’s debut single became the best-ever charted for a foreign female artist on Oricon’s weekly charts, had the most sales, and was on Oricon’s weekly Top 10 for 3 consecutive weeks. They’ve created unprecedented records and increased the reputation of Kpop.

Also, on this coming 20th, the second single ‘Gee’ will be released and it’s predicted that the successful ‘hits’ will continue. Experts have discussed 3 reasons on why the possibility for the success of ‘Gee’ is high.

# The nation is a given but the global level of awareness for ‘Gee’ is high
The soon-to-be released ‘Gee’ in Japan is SNSD’s representative hit song. The song was number 1 on Korean charts for 9 consecutive weeks, set unparalleled records, and had national interest. In particular, this song has the feature of being in Youtube videos where the girls’ appearance is shown to a variety of different countries and the level of awareness is high.

Through the growth of the internet, all kinds of people, not only in our own country, but in Southeast Asia, North America, and Europe as well, have done parodies of ‘Gee’ and is a song of sensational popularity. It was a huge sensation in Japan and as the Japanese version was released, it appealed with a different charm from the Korean version.

# Anticipation for the skinny jean craze…Japanese women continue to cosplay.
In terms of the success of SNSD’s debut single, ‘Genie’, there is a big difference between them and other Japanese girl groups. Japanese girl groups have been using cute concepts and it has become tiring. On the other hand, SNSD is different from Japanese groups, with their long and slim legs, femininity, and sexiness, and this has captured the hearts of Japanese female fans. SNSD’s thin figures make women say, ‘I want to become like that too’ and they’ve rapidly become a ‘star I want to be’.

For those reasons, the anticipation for ‘Gee’ activities is high. Not only has SNSD created the ‘Gee’ syndrome, but they’ve also created the skinny jean craze. Skinny jeans stick completely to your body, accent slim frames well, and is a strength for SNSD. It’s anticipated that the crab-leg dance and other lively dances as well as the skinny jean craze will become popular among Japanese female fans.

# The ‘Genie’ craze that isn’t dying down… A synergy effect
The Japanese debut single ‘Genie’ was released on the 8th of September and although a month has passed, its popularity isn’t dying down. Usually, when other singers release new songs, it’s likely to drop in rankings after a certain amount of time but with SNSD, their song rises in its ranks instead.

In particular, it was pushed out of the top 10 but then in 3 days, it rose 7 positions, producing surprising results and entered the top 5. This was a rare feat, unusual to witness even in Japan. These days, it’s diligently maintaining a spot in the top 10 in the Oricon chart, making one realize just how popular the girls are in Japan.

Also, the sales of the albums are currently at 90,000 volumes and the local response is that it’s just a matter of time before they reach 100,000 volumes. It’s anticipated that the popularity of ‘Genie’ will add to the popularity of the soon-to-be released ‘Gee’. Because of ‘Genie’, they have a successful image and it’s anticipated that ‘Gee’ will take that image to increase the synergy effect.

It’s predicted that ‘Genie’ will continue to climb the charts and the second single, ‘Gee’, is receiving attention for whether or not it will continue that momentum and succeed.

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