[10.12.10] Jessica’s Solo Song “Sweet Delight”

Girl group SNSD’s Jessica published her solo song today and it’s attracting a lot of attention as people are starting
to wonder if this will be an another hit like her last song “Cold Noodles”.

“Sweet Delight” sang by Jessica was made by a famous Swedish artist Hird & Cloud. The song contains European essence
as well as the singer’s sweet lyrics and was made to be used as Korea’s SPC’s brand song.

Furthermore, due to Jessica’s unique voice the song features a very clear and refreshing sound, therefore distinguishing
itself from other/previous brand songs.

In addition, this song was insisted upon by Cloud who stated that they had quiet a lot of interest in SNSD.

On the other hand, Jessica’s “Cold Noodles” song in 2009 was placed in different music charts(rankings)

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**NOTE: SPC is Korea’s famous food company. and sorry for the rigid TL**

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Translator: DjAddick@soshified.com/forums