First celebrities to have their own gift certificate “SNSD gift cards”

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For the first time in Korean celebrity history, SNSD gift certificate will be made.

According to a member of the gift certificate company, gift cards with pictures of SNSD will soon be published.
There will be 10 different types of cards, 9 of them featuring solo shots of each member of the SNSD while the
10th card showings a group picture. Each card will be worth 10,000won(equivalent to about 9$) and people can use
these card to purchase oil.

The company member also stated that the new SNSD gift certificates will allow the consumers to collect all 10
different types of gift cards if they purchase 10 gift cards at once(equal to 100,000won).

The member of the company predicted that, “Even though these were meant to be used as oil gift certificates, it’s
very likely to be just used as part of consumer’s collections.” Then continued on saying, “Recently, it’s been shown
that SNSD has also become very popular in Japan so it’s possible that these gift cards may be used as souvenirs.”

At the end, the company announced that the depending on the public’s reactions to SNSD, they may include other
celebrities and expand.

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