SNSD will release their book “SNSD Information Record” (Tentative Title) in November for 1050yen (~13USD).

This work will feature SNSD’s sayings with pictures, details on their activities up until now, member introductions with comments, photos and the member’s secrets to fashion styling.

SNSD is still a new idol group in Japan, so releasing this kind of book is rare. It isn’t a simple photobook, it includes frank comments from the members and fans have high expectations for it.

SNSD released their Japanese debut song “GENIE” in September. Currently, it has sold 75,000 copies and has been placed at rank #4 on ORICON’s monthly chart. Also, on the 20th they will expand their activities with the release their 2nd single “Gee”.

According to HMV the names of the sections in the books are as follows:

– Sexy & Cute! Let’s Dancing
– The cute secrets of the 9 members you want to know more about
– Fundamental knowledge of knowing SNSD
– Secrets to being fashionable
– Stories of concert impressions
– Their dancing is amazing! I am moved by their singing voices
– A record of SNSD’s cutie talk
– Plays and Variety, leave it to us!

Translated by: [email protected]
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