Korean girl group SNSD, who ranked at #4 on ORICON’s weekly chart has become quite a topic. Announcer Kobayashi Maya (31) copied SNSD’s pose and posted a picture up on her blog.

When Kobayashi saw SNSD’s posing on TV, she immediately practiced it. She wrote “And look at this! (Haha) What is this???!!!!!! (Haha). Yeah..Right now, the hot topic is SNSD.” Her picture showed her mimicking SNSD’s pose with both arms making the X, and standing on one leg.

It seems like Kobayashi is is getting into the SNSD boom, she has even considered buying their music videos. In the end she commented with, “My stylist, make-up artist and manager want to do an SNSD formation.”

Fans who saw Kobayashi’s picture said the following things, “It’s possible for Maya-chan’s legs to beat SNSD’s!” “Maya-chan, I don’t think you can lose to SNSD, your legs are lovely.” “Maya-san your legs are lovely, they should put you in SNSD or KARA.”

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