9-member Korean group SNSD’s Japanese debut single GENIE (released on the 8th) has sold 45,000 copies in its first week. It will enter the 9/20 Single Ranking at rank #4. It exceeded the previous record holder of “debut single for foreign female artists including solo singers”, which was previously held by KARA who placed #5 with their debut single “Mister” (In the first week ‘Mister’ sold 29,000 copies and has sold an accumulation of 63,000 copies).

SNSD’s Japanese debut DVD “SNSD’s Arrival ~Arrival in Japan Commemoration Disc~ New Beginning of Girls’ Generation” (released August 11th) entered the Comprehensive DVD ranking for 8/23 at rank #4. [Note: Comprehensive DVD ranking is total DVDs, like movies and such, not just music DVDs]. This was an historic first for a Korean girl group to debut in the comprehensive TOP 5. The sales for this DVD as well as “GENIE” are still growing. On the comprehensive DVD ranking for the week of 9/20 it rose to rank #7. The week before it had a weekly ranking of #12.

The people who bought the limited edition version of this DVD were invited to attend SNSD’s Japan debut event on August 25th at Tokyo’s Ariake Coliseum. Even though it was before their official Japanese debut, they had 3 performances where a total of 22,000 people showed up. The situation was reported on the TV’s top news shows and became a hot topic.

The 9-member group SNSD had their Korean debut in August of 2007 and is made up of the following members: Taeyeon (21), Yoona (20), Sooyoung (20), Hyoyeon (20), Yuri (20), Jessica (21), Tiffany (21), Sunny (21) and Seohyun (19).

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