Girl group SNSD’s album jackets were released.

Last month after great success and completion for their first Japan showcase, on the 8th their performed single album ‘Genie’ rose to the top 5 in the Oricon chart. Debut albums usually do not usually climb to the top 5 on the Oricon chart on the release day.

The album jacket had SNSD looking better in pants. Promising everyone with their legs that showed off their long and slender body.

Korean fans said “They’re really pretty. Japanese fans are sure to come” “This pretty and cute, Japanese fans probably all know them”, placing comments for the support of SNSD.

This recent Oricon Chart grades showed competition between Japanese best Idol Arashi and other local stars, with greater performance with the competition. SNSD album was sold in Japan for No. 1 singles win of the day.

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