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Girls’ Generation will be going over to Japan after the U.S.

Girls’ Generation will be leaving to Japan on 7th or 8th as soon as possible. It is because of their promotion schedule of their first Japanese Single “Genie”, which will be released on 9th.

They are heading to Japan right after returning back from SM Town U.S. performance, which was held on 6th in Staples Center, Los Angeles. In addition to that, they will be leaving to China on this weekend for the concert in China, so basically they are exposing their power of a ‘Global Group’. It’s a part of the proof that shows the Girls’ Generation’s popularity spreading all over the Asia and North American continents.

Reactions about the Girls’ Generation inside Japan is explosive. On their three showcase of 25th, 22,000 audiences has gathered up and confirmed the popularity of the Girls’ Generation inside Japan. Also, even though they haven’t officially debuted in Japan, Girls’ Generation’s DVD was nominated as the first place in Japan Oricon Chart of DVD.

The local Japanese media are broadcasting everyday about Girls’ Generation’s debuting news, raising up a feeling of expectancy. Also, on the streets of Japan, many advertisements of the album on electronic display and posters of advertising has appeared, catching the attention of people.

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And yes! I’ve went to the SM Town LA :P..It will be a life-long memory that I’ll never be able to forget…T_T