SNSD’s popularity in Taiwan is overheating.

SNSD began an advance sale of their tickets on the 28th to their October 16th concert in Taiwan. On the same day online sales also began and people who wanted to buy tickets flooded in causing the homepage server to go down. The server could not be restored, so the tickets were only sold offline. However, even though people could only buy the tickets in person, 11,000 out of the 12,000 tickets were sold and their popularity could really be felt.

Taiwan’s TVBS Newspaper reported, “Fans of the Korean idol group SNSD flooded in because they wanted to go see their concert and this caused our homepage server to go down. We couldn’t expect that so many people would flood in. We quickly dealt with the offline sales and all of our prepared tickets became sold out after one and a half hours.”

SNSD already finished up a solo concert in Shanghai, China on April 17th. Their Japanese debut showcase was also received explosive interest, at first one 1 performance was planned and they changed it to 3 performances. From now on we wonder if SNSD can cross from Asia and grow into world stars. We will pay attention to future developments.

Translated by: [email protected]
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