Korean idol group SNSD performed on a KBS program on the 28th. They performed at Ariake Coliseum on the 25th where they introduced themselves back stage at their first Japan mini concert and gave their impressions after the concert.

On Korean media, SNSD members, who had a successful Japan concert, performed and reported their impressions (on the Japan concert). On the program they analyzed why SNSD is receiving a lot of attention in Japan, “Ever since the 9 members were born, they each have varied charms.”

The mini concert had 3 separate performances where a total of 22,000 people showed up. Out of Korean stars commemoration mini concert debuts, this was the biggest in history. SNSD commented in response to that, “We never would have guessed that this many Japanese fans would appear like that. They remembered and mimicked the Korean lyrics, choreography and everything. I was deeply moved when I saw this.”

They were asked a question about the difference between Korean and Japanese fans, “Before we started we saw a long line of Japanese fans and there were even groups cosplaying our costumes. You don’t see that with Korean fans so that was very new to us.” [Note: Cosplay stands for costume play, where you dress up as someone/thing.] One SNSD member stated her aspiration, “When we fully debut in Japan, I want to visit everywhere in the country and I want to show lots of people our music.”

SNSD is the next Korean girl group that is starting their advance in Japan and Korean media is also paying attention to it; reporting for several days. SNSD, will advance in Japan following DBSK and BOA and creating another explosion in the Korean Boom.

Also, they have trigged explosive popularity among Japanese netizens. Korean media even reported that they have the power to exceed AKB48.

SNSD is attached to SM Entertainment and will be performing in America in LA on September 4th at the “SMTOWN LIVE ’10 WORLD TOUR in LA”.

Translated by: [email protected]
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