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9 member Korean girl group SNSD has stepped in Japan with their DVD “SNSD Arrival~Arrival in Japan Commemoration Disc~” which was released on the 11th. The Limited Edition DVD, with tickets to their first Japan event enclosed, was limited to 10,000 copies and has sold out. It’s strange to not see this DVD lined up in shops. It already seems they’re very popular.

They have popularity throughout every country in Asia due to their model-like looks and their high quality leg performance (in Genie). On the 25th, 10,000 Limited Edition DVD purchasers will be invited free of charge to Tokyo’s Ariake Coliseum premium concert. The Japan arrival of these 9 beautiful women who are known as K-POP’s big favorite has become a huge topic of discussion.

SNSD consists of their leader Taeyeon (21), Yuri (20), Tiffany (21), Sunny (21), Sooyoung (20), Hyoyeon (20), Yoona (20), Jessica (21) and Seohyun (19). They debuted in Korea in August of 2007. Last year, they had 9 consecutive first place wins on a Korean music chart. They have also achieved first place on charts in Taiwan, Thailand and the Philippines. They have also done a tour in China. They are dominating Asia’s music scene.

The groups’s characteristic is when the 9 members dance in sync with their beautiful legs. In addition to their beauty, they also have high-level performances. Aside from singers, they are also active in movies, on television and in other things. They are very versatile. They have members that are proficient in English, Japanese and Chinese too. Sometime in the future, global activity is also being contemplated for them.

SNSD’s first real advance in Japan will be on the 25th, where 10,000 people will come to their first event. As rookies, 40,000 copies of this DVD have been shipped out displaying their popularity. Hereafter, it seems that literally “Girls’ Generation” has finally arrived on the Japanese islands.

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Source: Chunichi Sports