SNSD fan club of the idol group has been voted the most powerful “fired up” fan club.

Community site DC Inside, from the 8th to the 15th, in the survey for the “most fired-up and powerful idol group fan club”, SNSD fan club “Sone” was voted no. 1.

SNSD fan club, among the total 6527 votes, was ranked no. 1 for support with 1889 votes (28.9%). SNSD fan club, whenever SNSD public relations problems happen, actively responds to the popularity of SNSD.

2nd place was Super Junior Fan club “ELF”. ELF regrettably received 1761 votes (27%), close to the SNSD fan club.

3rd place with 1266 votes (19.4%) were obtained by Cassiopeia, the name of DBSK’s fan club.

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