The girl group SNSD has been chosen as the celebrity people want to meet during the holidays.

KBS Cool FM (FM 89.1 MHz) has given a survey to the entire nation’s 12,050 adult population and SNSD came in 1st with 8.6% of votes. Yoo Jaesuk came in second with 4.2% of votes and Lee Seungki with 3.6%.

In this survey, the men chose ‘SNSD’, while the women chose ‘Lee Seungki’ and the 20-30 year old age group chose SNSD, while the 40 year old age group chose Lee Seungki.

SNSD garnered attention by placing 1st as the Korean singer that people usually liked most with 15.3% of votes.

Also, during the holidays, the Korean songs people wanted to listen to most was Jo Yongpil’s ‘Set Out on a Trip’ (10.3%), Cool’s ‘Woman of the Beach’ (10.1%), Key Boy’s ‘Go to the Ocean’ (4%), and SNSD’s ‘Oh!’.


Article by: Oh Narae
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T/N – Omitted parts irrelevant to SNSD.