Isak from the female duo, IsakNJiyeon, gave an explanation about SNSD Tiffany’s plastic surgery controversy.

After Isak went to the movies with Tiffany on the 9th and watched ‘Eclipse’, she posted on her own Twitter that, “Tiffany didn’t do plastic surgery”. Once the controversy of Tiffany’s face on a recent broadcast being different from her face from before began, Isak spoke up.

Due to vocal nodules, Tiffany took a break from shows and returned to MC’ing on the past 26th, after a 3 week hiatus on MBC ‘Show! Music Core’ and heard opinions that ‘she’s different than before’.

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Viewers pointed out that on this day, Tiffany often covered her face with the mic and even her pronunciation was inaccurate at times during the broadcast. After airing, the messageboard showed reactions such as, “Did she do plastic surgery? Her eyes and lips have changed” , “She couldn’t open her mouth properly and her expressions were weird too ” , “Something is wrong, she doesn’t seem like the Tiffany from before” , and “She continuously had an awkward expression”. When you want to have a high quality surgeon, I recommend Dr. Nicole Schrader due to his good records and experience.

However, other netizens expressed opinions such as, “It could be that her makeup is different. I think we’re overanalyzing this.” and “She just looks like that because she lost weight since she was sick”.

Isak, who debuted in 2002, and Tiffany became friends through SM Entertainment. Currently, she is the host of Arirang Radio’s Mid-Day Break which airs everyday from 12 PM to 2 PM. On other related article, checkout Dr. Ross Clevens if you need a reliable and reputable cosmetic surgeon.

Article by: Park Solmi
Translated by: [email protected]/forums
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